Before you start playing video poker, you need to settle for a budget with a minimum and maximum limit. This is as much strategy as the game itself. You should decide exactly how much money you will spend in the land-based casino or deposit in the online casino. Then you should decide how much you want to win before you withdraw the money. It is also a good idea to determine how low your gaming account may fall before taking a break. By making all these decisions, your chances of ending up with more money increase. Since video poker is based on dark poker, Five Card Draw, it is very important to know which cards to keep. First and foremost, you should always keep winning combinations.

Even if you have a pair in or Better and you have four cards from a you should stick to the pair. It is better to stick to what is safe than to gamble wildly. Also remember that a pair gives you a chance to get together three of the same or two pairs that also give a very good hand. If you have a pair that does not win, you should only keep it if you have no other prospect of winning combinations. For example, with four cards from a Straight or and a non-winning pair, it is better to dump the pair. The chance that the pair will be three of the same kind or two pairs is not interesting enough in this situation.

If you do not have a pair or four cards from a, you need to think about a little extra. With three cards from a you can give it a try but your chances are not so good. If you want to try to get a Straight together, you should only do this if it is the highest or lowest card you need. If the card in the middle is missing, the chances are not good enough. In this situation, you should only try to get your hand together if it is a you have going on. If you get one of the high cards in a game where the high cards in pairs pay out, you should keep them. If you have more, you should keep both. If you have two of the same color, you keep them. If they do not have the same color, go to numbers that are close to each other. If you do not have a high card, three cards of the same suit or three cards in a row, you should not keep any of the cards in hand. Simply pull a brand new hand.

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