Now you know what tilt is in poker and what negative impact it has on player behavior. Therefore, try to do everything so that it does not affect the course of your game and the final win. How to take care of playing casino the service life of playing casino depends on the regularity of use, but we will share with you some interesting tricks that will help prolong the life of your favorite deck. Even if the casino have already lost their running appearance, and it is difficult to imagine options for further use, do not throw away the deck, it can be used for training.

How do i take care of my casino rules for the care of a plastic deck of casino. Caring for the casino includes the conditions in which the deck is stored. For example, humid air provokes casino to swell, and as a result, their deformation. Store the deck appropriately in its packaging, away from any sources of moisture note that too dry air is also not favorable. Deformation, changes in color saturation are possible when exposed to direct sunlight. Is it worth neglecting such elementary things for playing casino to lose their presentable luxurious look and elegant sliding in the game.

If there are difficulties in sliding, the casino no longer fit snugly – this indicates that the deck is worn out. She needs to be replaced, especially if she performs card tricks. How to care for embossed plastic playing casino we present to your attention a life hack – fanning powder, the so-called powder for fans. Online casino is the decisive component of the powder. It provides protection against natural sweat from the palms of a person. You can buy it in stores with goods for magicians or with chemical reagents. Attention be careful with the amount and frequency of application of powder.

Take a large paper bag, put the deck and the powder on the tip of the knife into it. Shake the closed bag well the powder should spread well over all card surfaces. For the final fixing, the drawn casino simply shuffle. To apply a thin layer of powder, you can apply the powder with a cotton swab to the longest edge of the deck and shuffle. The rest of the powder, if you used the bag, can also be used on the surface of the palm. Just put your hands in the bag busting with powder can lead to discomfort on your hands and excessive sliding of casino.

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