We sure to choose from any of the tax-free casinos if you want to avoid taxing the winnings you make while playing. If you do not do so, all profits will be taxed and you are required to report them in your tax return. The conditions have changed and it is only a matter of choosing a casino that has a gaming license to play tax-free. We list the tax-free casinos 2021 so that you can easily find the best online casino you can find and play without having to think about taxation. We now have a new licensing system that allows only approved gaming companies to target players. If you choose a casino that belongs to a gaming company with a gaming license in 2021, nothing of what you win will be lost by you being forced to pay tax on the winnings.

However, this will be the case if you play at casinos that do not have a license, something you should avoid for several souls. Of course, it is advantageous to avoid taxation that eats up large parts of the money you have managed to win, so there is no doubt that you should choose among the tax-free casinos that are connected to the licensing system. We have previously been able to play at all online casinos without restriction and what determined whether the winnings would be taxed or not was the casino’s gaming license. It could be a little tricky to know right away what was going on and you had to keep a close eye on every online casino you visited. If it was issued in a country, you were not obliged to pay any tax at all on any profits. All the profits would then be included in the tax return and heavily taxed as income.

This could make a big difference if you were negligent and failed to declare profits. In the worst case, it could be seen as an attempt to evade taxation, a serious crime. In the future, however, it will be easier to orientate oneself around the subject of tax-free casinos. Now it is the case that only casinos with a license are tax-free and that is only what you need to keep track of. We make it easy for you by only listing tax-free casinos that you can play at without having to think about whether the winnings should be taxed or not. When the new licensing system is now introduced, the state will have the opportunity to control the gaming market and ensure that the gaming companies adhere to our laws and regulations.

All licensees must meet certain criteria and conduct their business in accordance with what is stated in the licenses. The gaming inspectorate, formerly known as the lottery inspectorate, is the authority with the main responsibility for checking that the gaming companies comply with the regulations and they also issue the licenses. The licensing system also means that the gaming companies will be taxed on their operations. All casinos and betting sites that target the market pay tax here and we players can play tax free. For the gaming companies, a profit tax of 18% applies and it is estimated that it will provide an enormous amount of money in tax revenue for the state. Previously, this money had ended up elsewhere, often in private pockets abroad. Now, instead, they make sure that a lot of the money we waste is returned to society in the form of taxes. The gaming sites that do not have a license will be shut down in various ways, exactly how it will go is a bit unclear. There is talk that, for example, they will make sure to block payments to these sites.

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