Imagine playing roulette and always playing in black. The probability of the first time you end up in black is almost 50%. If you miss and hit red, the chances are greater that you hit black next time. So it goes on and in the end you have to hit black because the probability that you will hit red 10 times in a row is not that great. Our idea is that it can be applied, even on slots. When you lose a couple of spins, the chances increase that you will win after each lost spin. As a basis for this, I have added 2 game systems: offensive and defensive game strategy. Means that casinos offer you Free Spins or percentage bonus with a condition. This means that you must play the bonus amount you receive a number of times. Example: 100% bonus deposit 200 sec and get 200 sec in bonus money, a total of 400 sec.

The advantage of the house (casino) in the games offered on the website. The casino has a slightly higher percentage chance of winning every time you bet on various games. Thus, it is important to get an idea of ​​which games generate the best chance of winning. However, it is virtually impossible to get exact information on this as it would take millions of spins to calculate. We collected info from various sources ang. different games houseedge. They point out that these sources are not 100% safe. A good house edge should normally be below 5%. A house edge of 0% means that you and the casino have exactly the same chance of winning (unfortunately this does not exist).

Casinos use various forms of welcome bonuses to attract new players. Usually they are between 100-400%. So you can play for more money than for the amount you deposit. Under the tab “Start playing” and “First deposit”, we rank the very best welcome bonuses based on as few deposit / turnover requirements as possible and generate the most money. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of all the bonuses as these are the most effective way to take advantage of our game strategy. Deposit bonus, is the casino bonus that gives you the opportunity to play for more money than you normally intended to do. It is common for the casino to double your deposit by 100% up to a certain amount.

Under “Start playing” and “Deposit bonus” you will find every week the best deposit bonuses from our recommended casinos. Remember, however, that you must always wager the bet amount or bonus a number of times before you can withdraw your winnings (wagering requirements). Reload bonus (Loyalty bonus) is usually something that the gaming companies offer after being a loyal and diligent player. If you stay and play for a long time, you usually get a message from the casino after a while that there is a reload bonus to use. These bonuses work exactly the same as deposit bonuses, so do not forget the wagering requirements.

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