We call them both slots and slot machines. In the past, they were at amusement parks and a bit everywhere, but with stricter legislation, they have now been referred to casinos and other premises with special permits. Now the slot machines have taken another step in their technical development and moved online. The early, physical slot machines are mechanical and usually have three to five reels placed in parallel that are set in motion when the player pulls a lever, hence the name slot machine. There are different symbols on the reels and if the reels when they stop show three identical symbols in a row, it is a win.

The size of the win varies and depends on which symbols are displayed. Different kinds of fruits are most common. There is also the magic symbol jackpot which at three or more in a row depending on the number of reels, is supposed to empty the machine of all coins that you can then fill your pockets full of. On all casino sites today, you can play on virtual slot machines, in addition to a number of other casino related games such as online poker, roulette and blackjack. The online slot machines have basically the same functions as their digital role models and it is easy to get started with games.

However, it is not as easy to understand all the features at first. The bandits of the net provide a lot of opportunities for profit and it is no longer just three in a row that make a profit, but also different combinations of symbols in different places on the screen can prove to bring extra luck. You do not have to waste a lot of money to learn how online slot machines work. Virtually all casino sites offer free games on their various slot machines. This means that you are free to test and see what happens during different maneuvers.

Those who have programmed the online games have also taken advantage of the opportunity to let some fun things take place on the screen that do not affect the game itself. It definitely increases the entertainment value, and if it is a game with a jungle theme, for example, you can count on some wild animals appearing and spitting a little on the screen. Once you have practiced your skills through the free games, it may be time to bet some money. When you play free games, you obviously get no money when you win, only the honor. You make a bet by registering on the casino site and then transferring a start up capital to your gaming account. Look for sites that are generous with bonuses, these casinos often offer a new player different kinds of free games and even money to play for according to a particular system. You often get as much to play for as you have invested. Good luck!

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