There are different types of roulette and for the different types there are also different roulette rules for online roulette and regular live roulette. The most famous different versions of the game of roulette are the European Roulette and the American Roulette . The difference between these two is that European roulette has 37 different “pockets” that the ball can end up in and then this is 36 colored pockets and then a green zero that represents the house. In the less played version, ie American roulette, the same thing only works, that there are two 0 pockets and then the total on American Roulette is 38 pockets. This is the very basis for understanding how a roulette table is played.

Roulette is normally played up to 8 players who then play against the croupier. It is very important to know that you are against all players at the roulette table, including the croupier who is also often nowadays called a dealer. It is the dealer who makes sure that the ball spins down in the pocket that is randomly exposed to each spin and it is the player who has bet on the right series, number or color that takes home his portion of the winnings. The higher the odds you had, the more you will win when the portion is distributed from the winnings. If you are looking for a nice site with good casino sites.

When playing roulette I use something called chips and this is exactly the same as money only that it becomes easier to handle in connection with gambling related games instead of throwing out cash notes that would have been very clumsy to use in context. Market has lots of different colors and when you play roulette online you get chips immediately when you bet you just click on the value of the land you want to bet and this will automatically happen in the program so that you have bought your land. When you play at a real casino, however, it will be the case that you first have to go and buy chips for real money in an exchange and then when you are done, you go and exchange your chips for real money.

When you sit down at a table, you must first of all wait for a new round before you can take your place at the table. The next step is to choose how many markets you want to bet on, which number, series or color. Once you have chosen this, you place your bet and then the ball is rolled, followed by the croupier saying “no more bets” from this punk, it is no longer possible to bet on this particular round of roulette, you may not change your bet or place to money on your bet. There are some casinos that allow a certain rule called a ” prison ” and this means that if the first time you play at the table and the roulette ball goes to number 0 then in some cases half or the whole bet is paid back to the player on the condition that the player uses the same bet in the next round as well. Should then, against all odds, the ball still end up at number 0, you lose the bet regardless, just like in a regular round of roulette. Getting mercy with the prison rule presupposes that you have made an effort with even money.

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