Gambling at various casinos has been popular ever since established its first casino a long time ago. After this, they have spread like wildfire throughout the world and are today found in virtually all countries that allow gaming activities. Nowadays, today’s technology has also meant that you can play casino online. You can even play casino on your mobile and tablet. All you need is a gaming account and an internet connection. However, there is a casino game that has always been available at all physical casinos and is still available at all the online casinos that you will find.

This is roulette. Roulette is the oldest traditional table game and was created by a Frenchman several hundred years ago. Today, this game has been developed in several forms, which means that there are different roulette rules depending on which variant you choose to play. When you play roulette online, you also have another choice. Here you can choose to play in the usual way with an automatic wheel and a random number generator, or you can play roulette online with a live dealer.

This is a variant where you play against a live dealer, which makes it all more natural and authentic. As for the different roulette rules that exist, these differ depending on which variant of roulette you choose. Here are three variants that are the most common. These are European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. For all Swedish casino players, European Roulette is the most common. When you play this variant, there are 37 different places on the wheel that go from 0-36. This variant of roulette is also the one that gives you the best odds to win. Here, the house has only an advantage of 2.8 percent.

As for the others, the rules differ, which means that the advantage of the house increases. An example of how the house’s advantage can increase by changing roulette and its rules is that in the American variant, which is the second most common for Swedish casino players, a double zero has been added. This changes your chances of winning significantly. Here, the house’s advantage immediately increases to over 5 percent. One thing that is a bit boring with roulette online is that games on roulette are very rarely counted when trading casino bonuses. If, contrary to expectations, you find an online casino that accepts roulette games for wagering a casino bonus, you can count on roulette contributing a much lower percentage.

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