This is a criterion that should not be taken lightly when registering in an online casino. Does your establishment have an operating license issued by a government authority or other competent body? How can we ensure the security of my transnational operations and the confidentiality of my personal data? What are the objective parameters that determine the reliability of an online casino? Have the games available in your casino’s library been developed by reputable software companies? These are all sensitive points that deserve detailed explanations from us.

In the past, some online casinos have resolutely closed their doors to french players. And continue to do so. Many internet users are wondering whether there really are legal online casinos. Our answer ? yes, but We apologize for appearing so evasive to you. This law legalizes online poker, sports betting and horse racing betting, but still rules out online casinos. By reading this legislative decree, we logically deduce that there is no legal online casino. However, most legal forums share another opinion even if a player can be considered as the passive accomplice of the illegal online gambling, it does not risk much since the prosecution, in this very specific case, does not apply to individuals.

In other words, you have absolutely nothing to worry about by signing up to an online casino. To be able to exercise freely on the french market, operators must show a white footing and obtain an accreditation license, the online gaming regulatory authority. To get around this coercive legislation, online casinos have taken the initiative to set up abroad where they can carry on their activity without being worried. Be sure to check out our french online casinos page for some practical advice and get the best casino bonuses. Usually, online casino rooms use a secure hypertext transfer protocol to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data communicated by the user through a layer of ssl / tls encryption.

In addition, a padlock icon located to the left of the address bar proves that the site in question is using an encrypted connection aimed at preventing the interception of sensitive data. Don’t forget to choose a password that includes lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers as well as special characters to make it as tamper proof as possible. Choose a password of at least 12 characters that has never been used on other sites, change it regularly and avoid saving it in your browser. Consider using a password manager or key chain access to store it securely in case you remember it. You also have the option of activating two factor authentication in order to be immediately warned by sms or e-mail if ever an intruder were to connect to your account from an unknown terminal. In addition, if the online casino offers you the opportunity to choose a security question as part of a password recovery procedure, have the presence of mind to select one that falls within your private sphere. So that no third party is able to guess the answer.

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