You will hardly find a gambler knowing nothing about Martingale system which is used in different games, from roulette to craps online. In general, Martingale strategy corresponds to the progressive betting system – a player is to double the bet size following each loss. In other words, you can make profit of such a strategy in case there are one or more winning bets in the session.

This very effective strategy is widely used at craps tables as well. Following Progressive Betting craps system, players constantly increase the wager size until the bet wins. After a winner is hit there are two options:

1) continue play and start progression from the very beginning;

2) quit the game.

Progressive betting in action

Progressive Betting system is considered to be one of the easiest strategies in craps games. The process itself is the following:

place any bet you want;

if your bet loses, increase its size (add a certain number, double, triple it etc.) and follow this rule until your bet wins;

if your bet wins, collect your winnings and start session from the beginning or quit.

Progressive betting effectiveness

On the one hand, this craps system can guarantee a player a high possibility to hit a winner and get some profit. No matter how much money you are betting, there is a strong likelihood that your session will bring profit.

Besides, the system simplifies the game process for a player – you don’t have to ponder over the bet type and size over again. The strategy dictates you the exact sum to bet at any given stage of the progression as well as the potential winnings value.

On the other hand, the player can safely implement relatively short progression sessions only. Suppose you bet $1 and use double-up progression. What if your bets lose 10 times? The eleventh bet will cost you $1,024! Substantial bet for $1 profit, isn’t it?

Moreover, regardless of your bankroll potential such progressions won’t do for the most online craps tables that have certain limits. For instance, you will be able to follow maximum 8 losing steps of the double-up progression starting from $1 at $1/$200 stakes. All in all you are forced to forfeit $200.

That is why it’s recommended to confine oneself on short progression sessions in order to seek for profit without much risk.

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