If you google craps casino rules, you will end up on several different sites that i personally think explain craps rules in such a complicated way that you almost get a little scared of the game and i also think it’s wrong because craps casino is actually a very uncomplicated game and basically involves throwing two dice on a table. The rules are really just to throw the dice on the table, but what is a little harder to understand right from the start when you play craps for the very first time is just all the different betting options and how you win.

However, there is of course no requirement to go and try craps casino, which is also the best way to learn because you then quickly see what is possible and how you win. Read more about craps rules here. So i do not intend to draw in a lot of complicated words and slang used in craps casino because i assume you do not know these because you are curious to learn how to play craps. Instead, i want to explain how the game works so that you know what the game is really about in a nutshell.

Then just click a button and the dice are rolled. Yes , it’s that easy to play craps casino actually. What you need to learn more about now are different betting options and even though these seem to be many, my personal opinion is that many also make this more difficult than it really is because in craps most bets are bad ie they have bad odds and you want to learn to play craps casino with greater advantage, you just have to learn what is good to bet on and then we are suddenly down to 4 different betting opportunities that we describe below.

The bets you should stick to when playing craps casino are pass line and dont pass line. This means as we mentioned in so you play craps that you have to get a 7th or a 12th to win if you bet on pass line and 2nd or 3rd if you bet on dont pass line. If none of these numbers appear, then you move on to point numbers and it is now that the house only has an advantage of 1.41%, which is quite low for a casino game. What you do as a player is that you bet on what results you think will appear on one or more rolls.

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