You will find a complete guide in your search for the next online casino. By using us, you always get a safe and secure gaming experience because we only list serious players who have a gaming license in place. Read careful analysis and reviews of online casinos including the latest news, the best casino games, the hottest bonuses and much more. The culture around online casinos is huge and it can sometimes feel overwhelming considering all the different online casinos that exist. You get enough meat on your bones to be able to easily find an internet casino that suits and satisfies you. Good luck in the search for your next online casino, we wish with over 20 years of experience in online casino. have reviewed all gaming companies with a license in the market, and compared these against each other. We have compiled a list of the best online casino, as well as the best bonuses right now. Man has been playing casino for hundreds of years. From the beginning, it was not through casinos that people played, but instead they gathered privately and bet on various games. The world’s first casino came in 1638 in Venice and it was a legal venue where residents of the city could turn for a break from everyday life with their friends. At that time, it was not quite the same type of game that was used as it is today. Then they basically just threw dice, played various card games and lotteries.

The lotteries in particular were special because the stakes required as a rule were very high. Therefore, only the most affluent could afford to participate, and the gains were enormous. Today, there are land-based casinos all over the world and the same goes for the culture around online casinos. During the second half of the 90’s, the casino culture around the land-based alternatives was great. But in step with the advent of the internet and digitization, gaming companies began to find out online. When casinos launched online, it was a revolution in itself. Now the players did not have to go to a physical casino but could sit away from home and enjoy the casino games instead at

At first, the range of games was relatively limited, but after a while the concept had really established itself and the development has hardly stagnated, rather the opposite. Today, it is a given to be able to spin slots or play table games online and the are one of the happier people out there. When the license was introduced, many were worried that the bonuses would disappear. This has not been the case, even though it is now only allowed with one bonus per player and license. That is why online casinos are investing heavily in offering one casino bonus for new players. What this looks like varies depending on which online casino you choose but in general there are very nice surprises to look forward to.

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