That last year had a number of surprises lurking, we can probably agree on that. A lot happened that was not expected and so it was in the gaming industry. Among other things, it came as a big surprise that NetEnt, which in 2019 acquired, was itself acquired by Evolution casino Gaming almost exactly a year later. What this will mean for NetEnt’s game development in the year 2021, we do not know yet, because the actual integration of NetEnt into Evolution has just begun.

So therefore, if you are wondering why you do not see many new slot machines from NetEnt discussed in the article below, then it is because we have not found so many that in our eyes seemed interesting enough to discuss. So with that out of the way, we’ve snooped on a number of new game launches that can be expected now in the first quarter of 2021 from some of our favorite casino game developers. Some of this can probably be changed or shifted. But most will probably be found at Norwegian casinos before the quarter is over and who knows, maybe someone will end up on the lists of the best slot machines .

We start with this Swedish game studio with the high production level. They will ship around four slot machines to the market per month. However, we will only look at some of the games that will come in January, because otherwise the article will only be about Play’n Go and that was not the intention. The games coming in January from Play’n GO are: Bull in a China Shop, Miner Donkey Trouble, The Faces of Freya and Coils of Cash.

Bull in a China Shop – is the game about the owner of a glass magazine who got the brilliant idea to buy a bull as a sales gimmick and to celebrate that we in the Chinese system will soon enter the year of the bull. But placing an ox among glass and porcelain obviously has a number of consequences. The game runs over five reels and it has 20 fixed paylines. The maximum payout is 10,000x, and this means that we sense the contours of a game with high volatility.

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