For those of you who are unfamiliar with live casino online, it is not a specific form of play, but lots of such but where you sit with a dealer and other players at a table. There is also a significant aspect of skill, unlike classic slot machines, where everything is about chance. The technical solutions for live casino are what they have tried to optimize over the years and now they have become so good that the experience can be fully compared to visiting a casino in real life. What the casino, or the provider of the game, does is that they set up or use a gaming hall which can be far from where you sit and play with set up cameras and dealers at the tables.

Through video, you can then see what is happening on the table, all the dealer’s steps in real time and communicate between them. The dealer can talk to you, while your communication channel is via chat. What the live casinos are trying to do is make you feel like you’re in a live casino with a host communicating and making you feel welcome. These dealers, and hosts, know the game to the letter and are often the ones who previously worked at physical casinos. A number of years ago, online live casino was much less popular and it was not about people not automatically liking the games, but that the technical solutions were half baked connection problems, delays and bad image.

Nowadays, they are clearly better optimized and it is extremely rare to talk about any problems when playing at a good live casino. Because there is a large aspect of skill in live casino as well as table games, unlike slot machines, you as a player can influence the mathematical probability of actually winning. But it must be remembered that the house always, no matter how good you may be, has a mathematical advantage albeit scarce. Some live casino games actually have a theoretical payback of over 99.5% if the player makes the best decisions for him or her. A bad player’s theoretical payback is extremely much lower.

Getting in and playing live casino as a beginner can be really tricky, at least if you have something other than the gaming experience itself such as earning a buck, or getting more games for your money as a goal. Therefore, there are fantastic solutions and games where the computer guides you to which decisions are the mathematically best for you. It may sound a little boring, but the ball is still in your hands and you can make different decisions. Above all, it is an excellent way to learn the specific game and sharpen your strategy further. An example of this is Perfect Blackjack where the computer is your helper and as the RTP amounts to as much as 99.5%. So it is regular blackjack where you maximize your chances of winning.

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