You can not change the odds of Keno because this is a game that depends on luck. The balls can not be controlled. You can not make them do things if you do not have magical powers. There is nothing you can do to guarantee a win in Keno. What you can do is play in a way that keeps your losses to a minimum and winnings to a maximum. It is important to know the rules. Some casinos only let you get the money within five minutes of you winning. If you are in such a casino, you should go to the cashier immediately after a win, even if it is only a few dollars. If you arrive late, the casino may deny you the money. A few dollars may not seem so important, but in Keno the winnings are small.

If you do not want to lose a lot of money on Keno then you have to be careful about how much money you take with you to the casino. Once you have used this money, you should stop playing. If you want to play too little, $ 50 is a good amount. If you want to gamble too much, $ 250 is a fair amount. If you want to take money home, you should refrain from playing for winnings. Many people play with what they win and if you do that, the result is usually that you go home when all the money is gone. Try to keep the money you win separate from the ones you play with. If you succeed in this, you will go home with money.

If you lose five games in a row, you have no luck. Then it’s time to finish. Stop playing and take a break. Drink and eat something and play another game. Do something completely different. The important thing is that you stop losing money. When you get back to the Keno game, luck may have turned if not, then you should stop altogether and go home. It is better to keep the money in your pocket than to continue trying in vain to win. You at least ate lunch and came home full.

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