There are some people who do not have the patience to wait for the luck to favor them, but instead try to turn the game to their advantage by using some unfair means while playing, ie by cheating. Although this means that it is not something that is suggested for gamblers, but still some players, the one who plays roulette, has become very popular by using this cheating method while playing. This type of roulette cheat is very popular and ensures 100% win, here the gambler waits until the wheel has stopped and after knowing the winning number puts his chips on the winning number when the dealer does not look at you.

The betting method can be done in two ways, either by moving your chips on the winning number or by placing your bet after the winning number is announced. Another way to cheat in the roulette game is to replace the normal roulette ball with a magnetized ball. One is done then you can control the movement of the ball with the hidden magnet. By doing this you can very easily make the game to your advantage. But this trick is not as simple as one might think as casinos have become very vigilant in this sense. Here the dealer must be very careful while there are many surveillance cameras in the casino, which can cot them.

Wheel rigging is a cheating method, which is mostly done by the casinos instead of the gamblers because roulette wheels are more in their control than by gamblers. However, gamblers can also rig wheels, but only if they get enough time with the wheel in the non-crowded area. Wheel rigging is done either by putting some kind of substance in a certain area, which will make the ball land in that area more often or by removing the number separators of certain numbers. Top hatred is a method of infidelity where both the dealer and the gambler form a team and bluff the casino.

The top hatting dealer tries his best to help the gambler to win more and more chips, this is very easy for some of the dealer then on the players. Then both share the profits earned by the game. Technologically advanced gamblers use this latest form of cheating, they carry a roulette laser, which is mainly hidden inside a mobile phone with them in the casino. This roulette laser helps to identify the number on which the ball will land based on the speed and velocity of the ball. This definitely helps the gambler to earn more profit.

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