Craps is, as i said, a dice game and you play with two dice. Before the game starts, the players must of course make their bets. The basis of craps, and the most common bet, is pass line. If the sum of the two rolled dice is 7 or 11, there will be a win. The dividend will be as much as you bet, or even money as you say in casino language. If the dice instead together form one of the sums 2, 3 or 12, everyone who has bet on the pass line loses their bet. If the result is any other sum than those mentioned, neither the players win nor lose. The amount raised then becomes a so called point, and will be of great importance for the continued game.

When you get a point, the game continues, and the thrower rolls the dice until the total sum is seven or points. If you have bet on the pass line and the seven comes before the point sum, you lose your bet, while you win if the point comes before seven. For the first draft, you can only bet on the pass line. But when a point has been established, you can also make a so called odds bet. You can then bet further that points will come before the seventh. The pass line and odds bet are the two most common bets in craps, but there are also more that you can learn over time.

Hazard was a rather complicated game, so you could say that craps, in the form we know the game today, emerged as a simpler alternative. From the beginning, the game was played out on the street and it took a few centuries before people moved into casinos and other gaming rooms. Perhaps it is this background as a street game that has made there a lot of superstition associated with the game of craps. It can be good to know if you would end up at a craps table with superstitious players. You should, for example, avoid saying the number seven aloud, as it is considered to bring bad luck all over the game table.

When rolling the dice, you should avoid touching the dice at all costs. This can also bring bad luck, but it can also be perceived as trying to cheat. A woman playing craps for the first time is considered lucky, and she can advantageously be chosen as a shooter, and allowed to roll the dice. A man who plays for the first time, on the other hand, is unlucky and should not be allowed to roll the dice. If the shooter is good, that is, if the players at the table win when they bet on odds and pass line, you should not appeal to the shooter because you then risk the turn. These are just some of the superstitions associated with craps games, and it’s always good to think of a little extra at this gaming table. Of course, if you play craps online, you do not need to keep track of these old beliefs because you are not sitting with others at the table.

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