Don’t miss out on online scratch cards, another fun way to win high prizes already enjoyed by millions of people around the world. These cards have evolved from being cards that are still sold in kiosks to making their way among online games. In a modality that is beginning to make its way and we do not doubt its future thanks to the fact that it has a return to the good player, allows immediate play and generally has a neat and colorful graphic design. Before continuing, we present you one of the scratch games that you have at your disposal at BotemanĂ­a casino, Blox Blitz. First of all, it must be said that it is a casino scratchcard with cascading symbols in which you have blocks of different colors, which when combining at least 6 together of the same color, will give a prize up to x100. Once the blocks give a prize, they will be broken, thus creating new possibilities to win prizes. In turn we have the help of an alien who will help us by exploding blocks of a certain color and allowing new blocks to fall. The return to the player is 94.26%.

In this section we will explain how to get the most out of your games on the scratch cards. Being games in which the gameplay is limited to uncovering the chips or making the turn, chance is the total protagonist. For this reason, the player’s strategies have to be directed at how to manage their funds and are related to responsibility in the game. From here we recommend that you set your bankroll limits below which you will not continue betting and maximum profit limits that if they arrive, it will be time to withdraw the money and enjoy the profits. It is necessary to play in a good mood and not get carried away by emotions and pressure, in this way you will get large doses of entertainment, the ability to manage losses when they arrive, and of course.

Next, we are going to explain what the different types of cards that you can find in the market consist of. As for the way to get the prizes, we can classify the Scratch Cards between those that have the prizes associated with the ranks and those that have prizes associated with the symbols. And this means? In the first case, each row of the game has an associated prize or win, so that when you get 3 or more identical images consecutively in a row, you will win the prize associated with it. You will also have wild symbols (which will help you multiply your prize) and scatter symbols that will allow you to win extra prizes. As for the cards with prizes associated with the number of symbols, these present a simpler playability, When a certain number of symbols appear on the game panel, you will get a certain number of prizes. In this mode, the position of the symbols has no relevance when it comes to obtaining prizes.

Speaking exclusively of the gameplay and design, we can find traditional type cards and those similar to online slots . First of all, we have the traditional scratch cards, these are the most similar to cardboard cards, finding them in the virtual scratch card store of the online casino you visit. On the other hand, there are other cards more similar to slots , these have a superior graphic design and can even include animations. In turn, they can have wild and scatter symbols, making the excitement even greater. Finally, we can mention the scratch cards with progressive jackpots. In them, by obtaining a certain number of symbols (it depends on each game) you will get the jackpot, this being made up of the contributions of the players who have previously tried their luck without success. In this way, the pot is accumulating progressively, being able to obtain a succulent prize.

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