There are a whole lot of different types of bonuses that apply to betting and they work in different ways. They will ultimately give you added value as a player, so it is important that you know the different types and how they are meant to be used. In addition, you must of course compare different bonuses with different betting companies to be able to find the best offer and then you must know the different details that distinguish a good odds bonus from a worse one. Bonuses for betting are usually given to new players so that they will be eager to create an account, but some bonuses are also used to make existing players think it is worth staying. Either way, you can easily get confused by figuring out what the bonus can reasonably give you as a player in the end.

Registration bonus – this odds bonus, also called the welcome bonus, is exactly the bonus that new players receive when they create an account on each betting site. It can itself consist of different types of bonuses, but the most common welcome bonus consists of a deposit bonus. So you get some amount of money because you choose to make a deposit. The purpose of these bonuses is to get new players to join and start betting on odds on their own gaming site. When it comes to these offers, you notice that it can be very different how generous the bonus is. Of course, not all odds sites want to give the same amount and they bet on a little different things. Those who have the juiciest welcome bonuses, on the other hand, fight with beaks and claws about new players and you can make sure to take advantage of that if you are smart.

Matching bonuses – these odds bonuses mean that the betting site matches your deposit by a certain percentage that is added to the amount you deposited. You can thus increase your gaming budget by making a deposit and get extra money to bet with. It can be anything from 25% to 200% that applies and then there is a ceiling on the amount you have the opportunity to pick out. If you get a matching bonus of 100% up to 1,000, you can double your deposit to a maximum of 1,000 extra. Vips, then you have 2,000 to spend on your gambling. Offers like this can be really good, as long as you take into account the conditions that apply when you collect your bonus.

Free bet – this type of odds bonus is very popular and it is called on odds sites for free play. It can suit all types of players, anyone who wants to try a game. If you place a free bet, it costs nothing for the player, usually by getting your money back if you lose.

Free bet without deposit – this is a variant of free play that can more accurately be called free. This is because you do not even have to bet the own money you can then get back in your free bet. You usually get free bets without a deposit as a new player on an odds side. You can count on offers that contain free bets without a deposit not coming up in very huge sums, the gaming companies can not waste too much money.

Cashback – money back, does that sound like it? That is also exactly what it means with cashback odds bonus, you get back some of what you play for and can use the money again. Cashback usually comes in connection with joining a loyalty program for loyal players, as a loyalty bonus. The percentage you get back can vary quite a lot depending on which site you play on and often only a certain type of player gets access to these offers. In most cases, you have to bet a lot and thus turn over quite a lot of money at the betting site in order for them to be willing to offer a cashback bonus on odds.

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