If we believe in one of the internet dictionaries, “online casino is a website or program that allows you to play casino games via the Internet. Online casinos, also known as internet or virtual casinos, allow you to play a variety of games, based on a chance to win or lose money. “If everyone understood that, that’s fine. if not – I will try to decipher it. First, we agree that the terms “casino online”, “internet casino” and “virtual casino” are synonymous, and there is no difference between them. Today, “online casino” is the most widely used term, and the term “virtual casino” is being used less and less.

In fact, it is already clear from the name, that the game takes place over the Internet, but the definition reminds me of it again. In the case of the “Website or Program”. All online casinos are divided into two types – those that do not need to be downloaded (websites) and those that need to be downloaded (programs). In the first case, the game takes place directly via the site’s casino, and the player only needs one browser. Old-fashioned casinos were made directly to HTML, they were replaced by Java games, and today there is an absolute maximum number of casinos made in Flash. When it comes to downloading casinos, the player must download and install a casino program on the computer.

To start playing, it is necessary to run this program. Most major foreign casinos have both versions; which should not be downloaded, which is used the most. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of non-downloadable casinos are that you can play from any computer, any operating system and your computer is secure. The advantages of casinos, which are to be downloaded, is that there is a larger selection of games and settings, high quality visualization, high security and less traffic. Each person chooses the solution that is best for him. “Different games based on chance”, I think, everyone knows. There is probably no one who did not hear about roulette.

It is an opportunity for a systematic game. In a real casino you can get a ban on coming back, if they get a suspicion that you are playing systematically or, if you are a cheater. If the casino is part of a large chain, they may prohibit you from visiting all of their casinos. But at home in front of your own computer you can play as you like and use all kinds of systems – it is not followed and forbidden. But there are exceptions – there are some casinos that prohibit gambling systematically under the threat of canceling the winnings or unlocking the account, which they actually often abuse. Mobility – it is possible to play in online casinos, at home or elsewhere, where there is a computer and internet access. Unlike real casinos, there is no dress code.

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