If you google craps casino rules, you will end up on several different sites that i personally think explain craps rules in such a complicated way that you almost get a little scared of the game and i also think it’s wrong because craps casino is actually a very uncomplicated game and basically involves throwing two dice on a table. The rules are really just to throw the dice on the table, but what is a little harder to understand right from the start when you play craps for the very first time is just all the different betting options and how you win.

However, there is of course no requirement to go and try craps casino, which is also the best way to learn because you then quickly see what is possible and how you win. Read more about craps rules here. So i do not intend to draw in a lot of complicated words and slang used in craps casino because i assume you do not know these because you are curious to learn how to play craps. Instead, i want to explain how the game works so that you know what the game is really about in a nutshell.

Then just click a button and the dice are rolled. Yes , it’s that easy to play craps casino actually. What you need to learn more about now are different betting options and even though these seem to be many, my personal opinion is that many also make this more difficult than it really is because in craps most bets are bad ie they have bad odds and you want to learn to play craps casino with greater advantage, you just have to learn what is good to bet on and then we are suddenly down to 4 different betting opportunities that we describe below.

The bets you should stick to when playing craps casino are pass line and dont pass line. This means as we mentioned in so you play craps that you have to get a 7th or a 12th to win if you bet on pass line and 2nd or 3rd if you bet on dont pass line. If none of these numbers appear, then you move on to point numbers and it is now that the house only has an advantage of 1.41%, which is quite low for a casino game. What you do as a player is that you bet on what results you think will appear on one or more rolls.

Hello and welcome to our blackjack casino guide. Here we have gathered information and tips about the game black jack or also known as 21 and links to best blackjack casino table. In short, blackjack casino is a very simple game to learn that involves getting as close as possible to the number 21 without going overboard. All cards have a present value and in this way you add your cards to reach 21 without going over to win over the dealer and take home the winnings.

The online casino game is like all other casino games a game of chance, but here you can influence your turn a bit by learning a few simple basic rules that we tell you more about below. What you can not do is count cards if you play online blackjack casino because each payout is made with a new deck of cards to prevent cheating. However, with a few simple basic rules , you can improve your chances of winning. Blackjack casino game can be played with one, two, four, six or eight decks of cards.

The goal is to beat the dealer and to do that you have to get closer to the number 21 than the dealer without going over. In other words, you win if your card is totally higher than the dealer’s card without going over 21. If your hand or the dealer’s hand goes over the number 21, you are bust, and lose. If the dealer is over 21, you win, but you as the player must always act first. A blackjack casino table is a help guide for you who play or plan to play online blackjack casino game.

Since you can not count cards at online casinos as they shuffle their decks of cards after each payout, the only thing you can do to increase your chances of winning is to keep track of the probability of winning for each hand. Blackjack is online casino game of chance and the casino will always have an advantage, but with a little feeling and knowledge of when the risk of winning is highest, you have a slightly better chance of succeeding in winning against the dealer. As i said, there are other investments as well, but since the house has a greater advantage when you make these, we do not even care to explain them.

One of the first things that come to mind when imagining the actual land-based casinos is the player’s accepted attitude. There are several sets of rules and regulations on how players should behave at the land-based casinos. Manners are an important part of the good and cozy gaming experience. So, why do we find that online casino sites need to be different? Online casino players should not forget the manners and at the same time be involved in online gaming. This is just as important for the online casino as it is for the land-based ones.

Many online casino players find that the fact that they are basically playing against software relieves them of the need to behave properly. However, in many online casino games this is not the case. Online casino games such as online player carry, multi-player games or games with live dealers also require appropriate behavior from the players. You should definitely not hide behind the anonymity of playing from your private pc. You must have respect for the other players, who also want to enjoy the online gaming experience as much as you, this is an essential part of gambling.

Suggested games and if the simple pleasure of being polite to other players is not enough for you then you should consider the benefits of good manners in relation to your online casino performance. Keep in mind that a polite, calm and well-behaved online casino player is far more focused on his game than an uneducated and rude player who does not know how to stay calm. Games like poker and blackjack are exactly the types of games that require these qualities from the casino player – online as well as offline by the way, the name all slots is a bit confusing.

A huge collection of games in total may be confusing but for your convenience it is divided into parts. The player may think that the orientation of the online casino is taken only on the slots and their varieties. You will be surprised and you will find a choice of board games, video poker, card games and all kinds of gambling in general, including craps, roulette, blackjack and more! The choice of slots per se is huge: 3 disc slots and 5 disc slots are divided according to thematic character, number of lines and many other characteristics.

Basically, a bank check is a check that the bank issues in its own name that you can use to deposit money into your various online casino accounts. To use bank checks to transfer money to your online casino account, you must personally visit your bank that will issue the check for you. In addition, on the back of the check you will need to attach a number of personal information, for example information about your online casino account. The purpose of attaching the information is to ensure that the online casino will credit your account accurately.

It is best to validate the online casino’s policy regarding the bank checks procedure in order to understand exactly what kind of information you need to include on the back of the check. You must also remember the address of the online casino when sending the bank check to the online casino. Once again, you need to study the online casino’s procedure for using bank check to ensure you are using the correct mailing address. Usually, it can take up to 10 business days to process a deposit with bank check, so therefore you should realize that the money will not be placed in your online casino account immediately.

However, compared to the use of personal checks, which often take up to 21 working days to process, bank checks are a far more effective solution. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that bank checks is an extremely secure payment system that gives people without access to a credit card a good chance of playing at an online casino of their choice. Supported languages you can see the casino and software interface in all major languages, be it english, french, german, italian, portuguese, spanish, greek or any other.

Similarly, the casino’s technical support team speaks several languages, so you can request technical assistance by phone or email. This team has a great experience working with clients and will politely answer all your questions, help you technically and support you. Ultimately, all slots remains a very attractive gambling site for online casino slots and not just for their fans. Good bonuses, a large selection of games, friendly and polite service, ease of deposit and withdrawal, in principle, everything is in place. You can be sure that you will not waste a little time on fun and relaxation. To conclude our all slots casino review we hope you will also try your luck at this casino and become their jackpot winner.

The security of the platform can also sometimes be difficult to oversee. And the same can be said about the credibility of the companies behind. These are all things i have dealt with in depth. My recommendations are therefore based on facts. As much as a subjective opinion can now be. Because at the top, fortunately, there is not much that separates the various best online casinos. Your many benefits of playing with reliable, trustworthy, top providers of course, it is quite obvious that an advantage of playing with a secure and credible provider is that you are safe.

You do not risk anything or very little at least. And that’s probably just what you’re playing for. But what exactly does that mean among other things, that you are guaranteed fair results on your games. You do not have to worry about whether it is also random whether you win or not. Or whether some might be trying to manipulate on the part of the casino. If you play in a safe place, the platform is controlled by the casino gaming authority and an external auditor. There are tests, both before you play and after you play. No one therefore has the opportunity to cheat. Whether you win depends solely on luck or ability depending on the game.

Playing in a safe and credible place is also about having a privacy policy that lives up to the standards you should expect. You need to be confident that your payment information and everything else personal will only be exchanged between you and your casino. There must be a good encryption in place with a high bit rate. Just as there must be complete control of blockages for hacker attacks and the like. In addition, you must be sure that the casino does not sell your information on to a third party. In addition, your trustworthy provider stands for fair terms that do not try to cheat you in one way or another.

Last but not least, there must also be a professional customer service in place for an operator to be considered credible and secure. If you can never get hold of a human being, you really risk being left with your hair in the mailbox. Both if you just need answers to some simple questions about your games. Or if you have a more serious problem. For example, we do not bother to see bonus requirements that are so impossible to meet that there is clearly cheating. Or requirements that are so specific that you might think you can reach them by playing commonly around the various game categories. But really, you can only get the bonus paid out by sticking to a single game or two.

I have been an enthusiast for many years when it comes to online casinos gaming. Especially online casinos. To play casino online is a party firework of great entertainment. Once you have tried it, your eyes have been opened. And you understand why games here are just in a category all by themselves. But you also know that it all depends on where you play. Is your casino site secure? Is your provider among the best? Can you find anything better somewhere else? On this page, i deal with just this. And much more. For it is my goal that you can find everything that may be relevant here.

You have to go from here and feel that there was nothing you were looking for that you could not find. Best online casino award-winning for registration of casino this year’s comeback. Online for more than live roulette try casino here! I test all the best online casinos. I review and compare bonuses, live sections, mobile casinos and free games. You can all easily find your way around and up to that. Just take a look at the page navigation. If you read here, however, it is primarily about giving an overview of the 5 best on the market. As well as about the secure and licensed provider.

Casinos abound on the market as an ordinary person – and especially as a new player – it is extremely difficult to get an overview of where you should play. You must always adhere to operators licensed by the online casino gaming authority. But even among them, the selection is huge. I have therefore checked everyone through on a number of points and have tried to make an overall assessment, which is based on a large number of factors. The factors include everything you can think of that is relevant to most players. First of all, there are the obvious elements.

The online casino game selection is a good example. Is it big enough? Is the quality okay? Is the entertainment where it should be? Can you also find it all fun in the long run? The payback percentages are also a good example. If they are not good, you have a better chance of losing your money than otherwise. And so a smaller chance of winning than you might have elsewhere. Bonuses, mobile games, live and free opportunities are also some of the things i have been inside and looking closely at. In addition, there are the less visible elements. This applies, for example, to customer service, which you can not really get an impression of until you need it or – as in my case – have tested it off.

As a player on the gambling halls, you are probably aware that you have to be careful at all times just to make you stay away from addiction. But then, you may notice that even though you take some precautions in staying safe, you are still trekking a dangerous path when you play on the casinos online.

That is why you have to be on your toes at every chance you get. And be sure that you don’t become too lax at protecting yourself from the possible causes and effects of gaming addiction.

Some simple guideposts to follow are here below for your guidance and safety on the halls of the Internet:

* Work First; Play Next. Your obligations and responsibilities at work should be among your topmost priorities that you have to do before you choose to play the online casino games on one of the gambling halls around. So, better attend to these things first before you do anything else.

The games of chance that you like to play can be done once you have given appropriate attention to the things that you have to do. Then, when you are finished with these matters of importance, you can then set your mind towards more leisurely events such as playing on the halls on the Internet gaming grounds.

* Other Interesting Hobbies to Form are Essential. You have to have hobbies to make your life easier to bear when you need the uplifting feeling that you would be getting from these things. If you consider playing the games of chance to be one of your hobbies to engage in, you are on a good track away from gaming addiction. But why not make it better by forming other hobbies that can also give you the leisure moments and a different satisfying experience.

Let’s face it. If you only place all your attention on the games of chance, there is a chance that you will get easily addicted to these things. But, if you also keep a handful of other leisurely activities that you can do, then, you can safely say that there will be a lesser possibility of becoming addicted to the games on the casino halls.

Gambling on casinos can give you a lot of different emotions, reactions, and experiences. Most of these may be satisfying, but there are also some instances that can make you addicted. Thus, you need to take heed of some guideposts such as those mentioned above to help you stay focused on the games, and not get yourself in trouble by being addicted to these things.

For the first time the 5 Count craps strategy has been mentioned in the Frank Scoblete’s book “Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos” which was published in 1994. As we know today, the system to play craps was successfully developed by the leader of the high roller group of players. Generally, this strategy aims to maximize player’s advantage over the casino house.

5 count strategy in action

The principle of this casino strategy lies in tendency to cut the shooters’ total number in order to keep wagering only on hot shooters at the online craps table you are playing at. In other words, you should bet only on the “appropriate” rollers. In fact, more than a half of shooters won’t deserve your bets.

So, how to identify the shooter(s) suited for your bets? The process of finding the proper shooter consists of 5 stages/counts.

The 1st stage – you start following new player throwing dices until he/she rolls the Point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10). You begin to count from 1.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages – you continue counting, no matter what result the dices will bring (with the exception of seven number, of course). This will be count 2, count 3, and count 4.

The 5th stage – you continue counting only if the shooter rolls the Point number again. In case the shooter rolls 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 the 4-count remains. As soon as the Point rolls, you count 5 and start making bets (Come or Place) on the shooter.

Be sure to make use of the highest odds for each number. You can carry on this way until the roller doesn’t succeed to meet your numbers three times in succession. In this case you make way to 2 rolls and then continue betting. Continue playing this way until 7 rolls out.

5 count effectiveness

5 Count effectiveness remains to be an arguable question from the very moment of its creation. First of all, there are no guaranties that every craps table could boast hot shooter(s). Secondly, it is possible that “hot shooter” will cost you losses just after 5-count.

The positive experience of other players using 5 Count craps strategy at tables can be considered to be the evidence of this system benefits. And anyway 5-counting will help you to slightly slow down you play and act more cautious at craps tables. The casinos are used to encourage cautious players that don’t tend to bet any roll, so be ready to receive some incentives.

Craps is a very fascinating game, especially when you master different strategies. Of course, you can simply play craps without perfecting yourself at this game, but in this case you will not get any visible advantages from playing craps. So the best way to win at craps – to use various craps strategies. Today we are going to present you a risky but at the same time a very profitable craps strategy – Betting with the House.

Bet with the House is online craps strategy that offers players to make a profit out of casino’s advantage at craps table. If that sounds crazy to you, it means you know nothing about huge house advantage of the casino at craps game. This way you should read the beginner’s guide to playing craps and after that return to strategies.

Bet with the house in action

For the shooter the goal of a craps game is to roll dice craps until the Point. If you are acquainted with math and have heard about theory, you will quickly understand that this goal is a chargeback system. Who wins at craps in this way? Of course, casino wins.

If you would like to win at a great distance, you should make profit of a house advantage. Just bet with the house – Spins365.dk casino bets on the shooter’s loss, and you should do the same.

It means you should make a Don’t Pass Line bet, as it is more likely to have positive wins as the odds of rolling seven are frankly low.

To make casino work in your favor – that is the point of this craps strategy. There is no need to mention that this very craps system won’t be to your opponents’ liking. When they notice that you are constantly winning, they may yell at you and complain to casino authorities. Don’t be afraid of it, you are not breaking the rules, and tilting opponent is always fun to play with.

You will hardly find a gambler knowing nothing about Martingale system which is used in different games, from roulette to craps online. In general, Martingale strategy corresponds to the progressive betting system – a player is to double the bet size following each loss. In other words, you can make profit of such a strategy in case there are one or more winning bets in the session.

This very effective strategy is widely used at craps tables as well. Following Progressive Betting craps system, players constantly increase the wager size until the bet wins. After a winner is hit there are two options:

1) continue play and start progression from the very beginning;

2) quit the game.

Progressive betting in action

Progressive Betting system is considered to be one of the easiest strategies in craps games. The process itself is the following:

place any bet you want;

if your bet loses, increase its size (add a certain number, double, triple it etc.) and follow this rule until your bet wins;

if your bet wins, collect your winnings and start session from the beginning or quit.

Progressive betting effectiveness

On the one hand, this craps system can guarantee a player a high possibility to hit a winner and get some profit. No matter how much money you are betting, there is a strong likelihood that your session will bring profit.

Besides, the system simplifies the game process for a player – you don’t have to ponder over the bet type and size over again. The strategy dictates you the exact sum to bet at any given stage of the progression as well as the potential winnings value.

On the other hand, the player can safely implement relatively short progression sessions only. Suppose you bet $1 and use double-up progression. What if your bets lose 10 times? The eleventh bet will cost you $1,024! Substantial bet for $1 profit, isn’t it?

Moreover, regardless of your bankroll potential such progressions won’t do for the most online craps tables that have certain limits. For instance, you will be able to follow maximum 8 losing steps of the double-up progression starting from $1 at $1/$200 stakes. All in all you are forced to forfeit $200.

That is why it’s recommended to confine oneself on short progression sessions in order to seek for profit without much risk.