Blackjack is the most fun to play in the live casino, according to most people. Of course, the odds are the same whether you are playing against the computer or a real dealer. But when it comes to gaming experience, live blackjack is horsepower ahead of which most people agree. When we talk about live casino and especially blackjack, there is a game maker that dominates more than anyone else. Of course, we mean the company evolution gaming, which with its passion for live gaming has taken the world by storm. By playing games from the game manufacturer, you are guaranteed a wonderful and attractive playing time.

Live blackjack from evolution the range of different tables is huge and there is everything from standard tables to exclusive VIP tables for high rollers, and it’s not so strange as blackjack is a very popular card game at This gives you the best possible conditions to discover all the different blackjack tables available from the company. With friendly and professional croupiers, you always get a brilliant welcome. You can also chat with other players, maybe you can congratulate each other on your winnings or wish good luck if there was a loss in a round. In the chat, it is also possible to ask questions directly to the dealer.

For those of you who are looking for speaking dealers, evolution gaming has options around the clock on most of its games. In addition, there are dealers in several other languages in addition to players living abroad or who want an international experience. Speed blackjack for those who like speed the fastest blackjack game on the market is speed blackjack. It follows the same logic as regular blackjack but with a big difference the order in which the cards are dealt when it is time for the player to make his decision. The first two cards are dealt as usual. When given, all players are given the opportunity to hit, double down or split at the same time.

The unique thing about this game is that the player who decides the fastest will get the next card first. It gives a fun twist to an already classic game. Infinite blackjack the big advantage of this game is that you never have to stand in line. Here there are unlimited places around the table, which is of course a big advantage on blackjack means that all players get the same hand with two cards. Then it is up to each player how they want to do next. The game may not be the most common but it does not remove the entertainment factor, quite the opposite.

Free blackjack online? No, you would never think that would happen. But the fact is that many gaming companies give out free money that you can play for at their casino. Of course, all gaming companies have an ulterior motive with this and it is to attract as many players as possible. But it works, to say the least. Receive a bonus and it’s almost like playing for free.

It is not uncommon for gaming companies to give out completely free money that you can play for at This may not be commonplace, but otherwise you are always guaranteed a welcome bonus that most gaming companies offer. At least the gaming companies we recommend. With a welcome bonus, you always get a really good start to your game and can enjoy blackjack without losing your own money too much. Therefore, receive a bonus today and you can play blackjack, one of the most fun casino games according to many.

Different turnover requirements

Speaking of turnover requirements. Yes, nothing comes completely free when it comes to online casino. You can get free money to play for but you usually have to turn over that money a number of times. A typical turnover requirement is usually just over x30, which means that you must invest 3,000 if you receive 100 for free. It is therefore important that you read the terms & conditions before accepting a bonus so you will not be disappointed.

Nowadays, there are a lot of bonuses that are completely free from wagering requirements, but you will notice this for yourself. Gambling companies that are generous enough to skip the requirements for turnover are obviously inclined to highlight this as well

Practice Blackjack Before

We may think that it is very good to play blackjack for free before you start playing for real money. Who wants to play for their own money before you really understand the game? We can not promise many. Therefore, we offer you a chance to play blackjack for free money below through net entertainment’s software. Although blackjack consists of a lot of luck it is possible to become a skilled player with experience. The more blackjack you play the better you will simply become, but remember not to play for money you can not afford.

Bonus for New Players

If you thought it was fun and want to continue playing, we recommend that you open an account with an account through us on this page – Go to our homepage and you will see which gaming companies we recommend. All these gaming companies also offer a welcome bonus to all new players and of course all gaming companies we recommend have a license as well. Therefore, you can always carry with you the knowledge that you get a good gaming experience without any scams or scams. Receive a bonus from the list above and you are guaranteed a great start to your game. Bonus money is free money which is very nice for you as a player.

With the smartphone’s rapid advancement and development, more and more players are looking for their mobile devices when they play at online casinos or bet on sports. Forget traditional land-based casinos, today you can quickly and easily play your favorite games wherever you are with just a few keystrokes. Thanks to bank-id, which is now a license requirement, you can easily become a member of an online casino in a few minutes. All you need to experience a complete mobile casino experience is a relatively stable internet connection.

More online casinos are joining every day and mobile casinos are only expected to get faster, nicer and better with each passing year. New flexible payment methods are constantly being added to make deposits and withdrawals as fast and secure as possible. Game developers such as micro gaming and evolution gaming are investing heavily in their mobile live casinos and even new, smaller developers are now prioritizing adapting their games for tablets and mobile phones. Compatibility with different devices will also be better, and a large part of today’s platforms also offer downloadable apps for both ios and android systems. you will find everything you need to know about mobile casino and playing casino on your mobile.

Today, mobile casinos are more the rule than the exception, and most operators in the market have shifted their focus to mobile devices. Nowadays, almost all casinos offer a website in instant play format, which means that their websites and games run in html5 and automatically adapt to different formats and screen sizes. If you still prefer to download a casino app before playing in your browser, you can simply visit the play store on your android, the app store on your ios device, or the casino’s website to download their app. The mobile apps are also constantly improving, and casinos are investing enormous resources in being able to offer the best app at

Mobile casino has changed the way we play and new ideas and functions are constantly being introduced. Graphics are constantly improving, more online casinos offer payment with cryptocurrencies, mobile virtual reality headsets are becoming cheaper and more common. The possibilities seem endless and even though few know what the future holds, we can count on mobile casinos only getting better.

Benefits of mobile casino:

  • Quick, easy and secure.
  • The fastest payment solutions, such as swish and trustly.
  • Casino without account and registration thanks to mobile bank-id.
  • The same range of games, odds and bonuses as if you were playing on the computer.
  • Fast, stylish and flexible mobile casino apps, completely free.
  • Play with your android, apple, blackberry, windows phone or other devices.

You will find a complete guide in your search for the next online casino. By using us, you always get a safe and secure gaming experience because we only list serious players who have a gaming license in place. Read careful analysis and reviews of online casinos including the latest news, the best casino games, the hottest bonuses and much more. The culture around online casinos is huge and it can sometimes feel overwhelming considering all the different online casinos that exist. You get enough meat on your bones to be able to easily find an internet casino that suits and satisfies you. Good luck in the search for your next online casino, we wish with over 20 years of experience in online casino. have reviewed all gaming companies with a license in the market, and compared these against each other. We have compiled a list of the best online casino, as well as the best bonuses right now. Man has been playing casino for hundreds of years. From the beginning, it was not through casinos that people played, but instead they gathered privately and bet on various games. The world’s first casino came in 1638 in Venice and it was a legal venue where residents of the city could turn for a break from everyday life with their friends. At that time, it was not quite the same type of game that was used as it is today. Then they basically just threw dice, played various card games and lotteries.

The lotteries in particular were special because the stakes required as a rule were very high. Therefore, only the most affluent could afford to participate, and the gains were enormous. Today, there are land-based casinos all over the world and the same goes for the culture around online casinos. During the second half of the 90’s, the casino culture around the land-based alternatives was great. But in step with the advent of the internet and digitization, gaming companies began to find out online. When casinos launched online, it was a revolution in itself. Now the players did not have to go to a physical casino but could sit away from home and enjoy the casino games instead at

At first, the range of games was relatively limited, but after a while the concept had really established itself and the development has hardly stagnated, rather the opposite. Today, it is a given to be able to spin slots or play table games online and the are one of the happier people out there. When the license was introduced, many were worried that the bonuses would disappear. This has not been the case, even though it is now only allowed with one bonus per player and license. That is why online casinos are investing heavily in offering one casino bonus for new players. What this looks like varies depending on which online casino you choose but in general there are very nice surprises to look forward to.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with live casino online, it is not a specific form of play, but lots of such but where you sit with a dealer and other players at a table. There is also a significant aspect of skill, unlike classic slot machines, where everything is about chance. The technical solutions for live casino are what they have tried to optimize over the years and now they have become so good that the experience can be fully compared to visiting a casino in real life. What the casino, or the provider of the game, does is that they set up or use a gaming hall which can be far from where you sit and play with set up cameras and dealers at the tables.

Through video, you can then see what is happening on the table, all the dealer’s steps in real time and communicate between them. The dealer can talk to you, while your communication channel is via chat. What the live casinos are trying to do is make you feel like you’re in a live casino with a host communicating and making you feel welcome. These dealers, and hosts, know the game to the letter and are often the ones who previously worked at physical casinos. A number of years ago, online live casino was much less popular and it was not about people not automatically liking the games, but that the technical solutions were half baked connection problems, delays and bad image.

Nowadays, they are clearly better optimized and it is extremely rare to talk about any problems when playing at a good live casino. Because there is a large aspect of skill in live casino as well as table games, unlike slot machines, you as a player can influence the mathematical probability of actually winning. But it must be remembered that the house always, no matter how good you may be, has a mathematical advantage albeit scarce. Some live casino games actually have a theoretical payback of over 99.5% if the player makes the best decisions for him or her. A bad player’s theoretical payback is extremely much lower.

Getting in and playing live casino as a beginner can be really tricky, at least if you have something other than the gaming experience itself such as earning a buck, or getting more games for your money as a goal. Therefore, there are fantastic solutions and games where the computer guides you to which decisions are the mathematically best for you. It may sound a little boring, but the ball is still in your hands and you can make different decisions. Above all, it is an excellent way to learn the specific game and sharpen your strategy further. An example of this is Perfect Blackjack where the computer is your helper and as the RTP amounts to as much as 99.5%. So it is regular blackjack where you maximize your chances of winning.

The search for the best live casino experience. We put together the list of the hottest live casinos right now and inform you with tricks and tricks about how you can most easily maximize your chances of winning and increase the gaming experience. Here you will find live casinos with all the best games such as blackjack, roulette and craps from the most popular game manufacturers. When you use our guide, it ensures that you get to play at live casinos of the highest quality. Playing live casino online, compared to physical casinos, has as many similarities as differences.

The game play itself is the same, but the experience is completely different and then we think not least of the simplicity that the online variants provide. The ball is in your hands play when you want, where you want and how you want. Many of you have certainly been to a physical casino and absolutely, it has its charm, but for those who are there for the gaming experience rather than the festivities will find many benefits of playing live online. All that is required to play live casino online is access to the internet, a gaming account and a computer, mobile or tablet. You thus avoid traveling, any dress codes and queues at the tables. Instead of adapting to the casino, the power is put in your hands and that is the big advantage of playing online.

This gives you the best of both worlds when you play live casino online. You sit in front of a professional dealer, see and can interact with the same and can jump between different shapes and tables a little however you want. Thanks to the technology and the brilliant companies that exist today, you can have a fully fledged live casino experience in the living room, sofa or in public transport. If you have not tried it, it is something we highly recommend. Live casino is the form of casino game that grows fastest and wins the biggest ground. Extremely few online casinos lack a solution for this due to the burgeoning popularity and in 2021, a plethora of new live casinos will surely appear.

It is not enough for casinos to just throw up slots on their websites anymore now they need to use live casino solutions that really deliver experience as well as quality. The modern form of casino gambling is here to stay. A future prophecy for new live casinos is that more people will probably opt out of gaming providers such as evolution and netent to instead build their own studios, hire live dealers and create technical solutions to make it work as smoothly as possible. However, this is probably something that will be delayed as the phenomenon is relatively new and due to the economic aspect. The table suppliers that are approved and accepted also maintain an incredibly high level a level that becomes difficult to compete with.

Today’s range of casino games is huge and the choices are great, whether you prefer slot machines or classic table games. The most popular and best casino games online so that you can more easily find new favorites. We always keep our lists and reviews updated to be able to offer you as relevant information as possible. Learn more about how different casino games work and what to think about before you start playing. If you are new to online casinos or just looking for a new game, the variety of games at today’s casinos can feel a little overwhelming. The most popular types of games among players are without a doubt slots often containing jackpots as well as table games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat.

No matter what casino games you prefer, you will find something that suits you at the best online casinos. In addition, the best casino games are of very high quality, often supplied by the world’s leading game developers with the most modern technology. Some of the most popular providers today are netent, microgaming and evolution gaming. Before you start testing your luck in online casino games, we recommend that you read our guide below. Here we will, among other things, take a closer look at how different casino games work, what rtp is and which casino games are easiest to win at.

The biggest variation is in the slots category, where you can find a plethora of different payouts, themes and features. Over the years, a number of variants of classic table games have also been developed. In addition, table games can now be played live or against a computer. Not all casinos offer all game categories, but a range consisting of slots, jackpots and table games is most common. Therefore, it is extra important to test yourself to find the best casino games in your opinion. This will also make it easier to find a suitable casino that offers your favorite games. Of course, everyone has different preferences regarding which are the best casino games. Some people appreciate the simple excitement that slot machines offer while others prefer strategy based games such as poker or blackjack. Many people choose to only pay according to the game’s entertainment level, other players believe that the payback percentage is what makes a casino game good.

Maximum winnings and jackpots are also usually decisive for what is classified as the best casino game. What all players, on the other hand, have in common are high demands on software. On the one hand, the game will flow well both in computer and mobile but also graphics and sound will be of high quality, especially when it comes to slots. Some of the most appreciated game developers on the market are netent, yggdrasil and play’n go. Modern slot machines with innovative functions that are more similar to real computer games than online casino games are usually extra popular among players. At the same time, a large number of players prefer simpler slots with classic themes and simple special effects. However, one of the most important things for today’s players is the variety. Many players like to explore different slots for example in connection with different holidays therefore a wide range of games is important. The same applies to table games, it should be possible to alternate traditional variants with more modern alternatives.

Casino bonuses are something that gaming companies have long used to both attract new players and entertain existing players. All to be a little more attractive than the competition. In the past, therefore, offers with casino bonuses have been seen that have been significantly larger and more generous. But as most of us players already know, it has become very difficult for online casinos to compete with each other in the same way as before, because the only casino bonus that can be legally credited to gaming accounts is 1 casino bonus on the first deposit. Nowadays, it is a way for an online casino to welcome new players a little extra warmly, and that as a newcomer you get a little more on the gaming account to test the range of games with, in addition to your own deposit.

However, not all online casino bonuses benefit only you as a player, so if you have not played with a casino bonus before, we recommend that you continue reading about things you should think about a little further down this page. An online casino that offers a casino bonus always has associated rules and conditions. On this page we do our best to guide you in how it works when you play casino online with bonus money. Sifting out the best casino bonus is a process that does not necessarily look the same for every player. It all depends on what you think is a good casino bonus.

Our list of bonus casinos above is a good tool for you who are looking for new casino bonuses at online casinos you have not played at before. You can then sort out which casino bonus is best according to your taste and liking. Casino bonuses all have a maximum amount of 100, but since a bonus can be credited in different ways and have different conditions, it still matters a lot when it comes to choosing a casino bonus. You may slip into a website that recommends online casinos outside the licensing system. There, casino bonuses can look completely different, and even in cases where foreign casino bonuses seem more generous, we want to point out that casinos with a license are the only online casinos that meet the standard of regulations.

A wagering requirement is a requirement that most online casinos still use, even if it is something that has disappeared from many online casinos. In short, it is a number you have to reach by playing, because otherwise it would be free for players to just pick out their welcome bonus without playing at all. A reasonable wagering requirement applies only to the bonus money and is between 20-40 times. Alternatively, it is divided into both the deposit and the bonus amount but achieves the same total amount. Depending on which games then contribute to meeting the wagering requirement, it is quite simple. It is usually slot machines of various kinds that contribute fully, while games in live casino rarely turn over bonus money at all. Only when you have met your turnover requirement can you make a withdrawal of profits. It may seem that has become bonus poor, both in terms of the current law that came into force, but certainly more after restrictions became even tighter after the world was hit by a pandemic. But there are actually still casino bonuses that vary quite well, even though they are kept within the limits of what is allowed according to the gaming inspectorate. Here we go through the most common variants of casino bonuses. If you are looking for the best casino bonus for your own gaming purpose, the summaries of the various bonuses can point you in the right direction. All casino bonuses listed only apply to new players who have not previously played with a casino bonus with the licensee.

Free spins & bonus spins are a wonderful form of reward or version of the welcome bonus for you who play casino online. With spins on the first deposit, you get a longer game round and get to try out any popular selected slot. You usually get bonus spins in connection with a welcome bonus you receive. This often applies to a wagering requirement that you wager by playing slots. Online casino free spins and bonus spins are awarded on selected popular slots recommended by the online casino. You now have your big spins guide in front of you where we tell you more about how different spins work.

These two different forms of spins, which we call free spins and bonus spins, are different from each other. When you play online casino, you will come across them many times. To make it easier for you to play with spins, we have made an explanation of what exactly free spins are compared to bonus spins. Free spins, or free spins / free spins are called a type of prepaid or free play rounds that different casinos distribute as a form of reward. You usually get spins on selected free spins slots for practical reasons. One of the game providers that works hard to develop solutions for free spins is netent. Therefore, it is also very common for online casino free spins to be awarded on their slots.

The idea with free spins is simply that you personally do not have to pay to be able to play on the slot machines referred to in the offer, but that you can instead play for free. There are various reasons and opportunities for an online casino to offer free spins. The most common is when you become a member and register a gaming account and get a number of free spins without having to deposit. An example of such an offer is that you get 20 free spins when registering on the book of dead. This means that you get access to your free spins before you make a deposit. Bonus spins are something that you get for a consideration from the online casino. With welcome bonuses, there are often spins that are activated by the first deposit, these are called bonus spins.

They are not completely free, but you have to make a deposit to get your bonus spins. This form of spin can also occur in competitions and tournaments. A casino may only offer a welcome bonus on the first deposit, but you can often choose between different options. Today we often see that the size of your deposit partly determines how much bonus money you get but also mainly how many bonus spins you get. If you look closely at a welcome bonus, there can be up to 30 bonus spins. If and when you get spins is determined by the casino you play at. When it comes to offers and competitions, you as a player are required to log in and be active in some way at the online casino. Your spins usually end up on a selected slot such as starburst or gonzo’s quest.

Why are casino bonuses so popular? A casino bonus is a nice reward that gives you a little more to play for. On your first game round, you simply get the opportunity to try out more lucrative slots and casino games. Your casino bonus is usually activated by your first deposit and gives you extra bonus money or spins on the account. At some casinos you actually get both free spins and a bonus on the same deposit. So there are a lot of variations of casino bonuses and a lot to keep track of. Therefore created this bonus page where you get tips on casinos that offer bonuses when they are at their best. Read on to get full control of online casino bonuses. At a land based casino, you never get extra money to play for when you pass the front doors. Rather, you have to pay admission to enter the casino. An advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can get a bonus there when you become a new member. By participating in a casino bonus, you get extra bonus money and thus more to play for.

You get a completely different opportunity to explore the games at an online casino. We should also not forget that you get more great winning opportunities with your bonus. Your new casino adventure simply gets an added value when you choose to take them off a casino bonus. You will find the very best bonuses right now. We constantly update the list of casino bonuses and monitor changes from the casino’s side when it comes to their casino bonus. Of course, all our listed casinos have a gaming license for your safety. A casino bonus often gives you twice as much to play for. Sometimes you can find a casino bonus that triples your deposit and with low and reasonable wagering requirements. Are you also hungry for a great bonus? Then you have really come to the right place. Which casino bonuses are really the best and are there any hot tips? There are lots of really good bonuses out there and we lead you right. The thing about a casino bonus is that you as a new member will get more to play for. Casino bonuses allow you to explore the casino and its new games properly. We have put together a list of tips for what we think you know about casino bonuses when choosing a new online gaming site.

Casino Bonus without turnover is always just as popular with players. Through our top list, you can easily find turnover free bonuses. In the list, you see immediately if the bonus does not need to be wagered. We mark these bonuses with the text No turnover so you can find them immediately. Casino bonus without turnover is clearly something you should look for and choose only when you play. Choose a bonus with a low wagering requirement. Offering lower wagering requirements has become a competitive advantage for casinos. A casino bonus with lower wagering requirements will be easier for you to play through. Today, it is quite common to lower the wagering requirement to make the bonus more attractive. 15 -20 times are requirements we can see today that are really good. Combination bonuses where you get both bonus money and spins are extra fun. You get things on the same deposit an extra good value for money. You will also find these wonderful bonuses in our top list. Such a casino bonus can give you up to 1,000 and 20 free spins to start your first game round with. An added value when it comes to casino bonuses that are well worth looking for.

Do you also love spins? Then we can tell you that there are welcome bonuses that only give spins or really many extra spins. At some casinos, you can also choose from several different slots to play the spins with. This is clearly a casino bonus for you who prefer many spins, but perhaps also in combination with a regular casino bonus that matches a certain percentage of your deposit. Now we have gone through some valuable advice when it comes to various casino bonuses that you will come across. Perhaps one of these casino bonus options is more suitable for you and your gambling. Once you have chosen a bonus that you think seems good, first take a closer look at exactly what applies. In the case of a casino bonus of the turnover free bonus type, find out what is required and when you get access to your bonus money. Terms and conditions for casino bonuses can feel a bit boring to read through. We still recommend that you always make it a habit to do so before making your deposit. Also remember to check the minimum deposit to take advantage of the bonus and the validity period. When you play with your bonus, look at which games and slots you are betting on. Normally, a casino bonus always works well on regular slots.