Many players are blind to this thing, but this is also completely true. However, it is not really a question of actual cheating, but now it is specifically a question of marketing. Whether it’s a TV ad or a magazine-printed home appliance ad, marketing is always meant to smooth out the truths a bit. The main purpose of an ad as an ad is to get a person to spend their money on something that will benefit the seller or casino even more. In marketing, certain details are viewed through a magnifying glass, while less flattering information is left out of the lens.

Casinos traditionally glow their bonuses behind, but quite a few gaming sites leave the rules and conditions related to bonuses cleverly in the margin. You may be told that you get a 300% bonus on your money up to 900 euros, but more information can then be found in a much smaller font in the drop-down menu below. For example, a 300% bonus might involve something as bad as a profit ceiling. So even if you get to play for € 300 after depositing as much as € 900, the casino may have turned € 2,000 into a winning margin.

This means that even if you manage to win huge money from the casino while playing with the bonus, you will not be able to withdraw more than € 1,800 in winnings after completing the wager. Of course, this is quite annoying if your account balance at the time of winning is, say, 5,000 euros. In addition, you should pay attention to whether the entire bonus is distributed at once. Sometimes online casinos advertise a € 3,000 bonus package, for example, but this does not necessarily mean that the full amount could be redeemed with a single deposit.

In many cases, the bonus is then divided into more than one deposit. We don’t really consider this a bad thing, but it is also worth considering when comparing and competing different bonuses. We highly recommend that you always read all the terms and conditions related to bonuses very carefully, as such win-win situations in particular can go a long way. For our part, once we played, we had to give up some of our winnings at a licensed casino, among other things, because we had exceeded the maximum bet allowed when using the bonus. Unfortunately, in this situation, we could not blame anyone but ourselves.

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