New players are possibly inexperienced with the concept of turnover requirements and risk falling into a few classic traps, or not exactly traps but rules and wagering requirements. Some will be annoyed by these requirements, but one must keep in mind that there is free casino bonus money offered as an incentive by the casino, and believe it or not, it actually gives you an advantage over the casino. If that were not the case, casinos would give you bonuses on every deposit.

With that in mind, it may be more understandable why bonuses must have wagering requirements, it must also be fair to you and the casino, even if it is you who is left with the benefits. Do you still not understand the concept of turnover requirements? Do not worry, here is an example. Say you bet 100 and get a 100% bonus. The casino in question will now add 100 extra to your balance to match your deposit. If so, let’s say the turnover requirement is 35x. This means that the 100 received from the casino must be played through 35 times, which in turn means that you must bet on 3500.

The fact that the games are a game of chance does not imply a real strategy that guarantees that you will beat the casino, but experienced players will probably tell you that the best way to clear the wagering requirement is usually to start playing games with high variation in the hope of having a reasonably good gain as you can go for slightly lower volatility and higher stakes. The first thing you should do, before you start playing with a bonus, is read the terms and keep this in mind.

In fact, you should make a habit out of this, as this is the source of most disputes between casinos and players. For example, some of your favorite games may be excluded if you choose to play with a bonus or a game only counts 70% against the wagering requirement. Most online casinos also have a maximum bet rule when playing with an active bonus, usually set at 50 per spin / game or equivalent. In the past, players would risk their winnings being confiscated if it goes higher than allowed, but most casinos on our list of the best casino bonus offers have fortunately implemented maximum bet protection. Remember that you can also play with your own money without a deposit, then of course there are no wagering requirements.

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