For the majority of players, it is one of the most decisive factors when choosing a particular online casino. We are of course talking about the bonuses that one can receive. However, the one casino bonus that can be awarded is not the other. The large online casinos therefore invariably choose not only to use a deposit bonus, for example, free spins can also be awarded, a no deposit bonus can be added to your account and so on. Would you like to have a clear picture of all the interesting bonuses that you can get at an online casino? We have listed them all in detail for you.

Welcome bonus : The first bonus that we should of course introduce to you is the welcome bonus . As the name suggests, this bonus is awarded to new players who register at the online casino. The exact interpretation given to this bonus always depends on the casino in question. For example, a welcome bonus can be a regular deposit bonus, but it can also consist of several parts. For example, you can not only receive an extra bonus amount on your deposit through a welcome bonus, sometimes free spins are also awarded. Despite the fact that a welcome bonus is of course only awarded to new players, it can be spread over a longer period of time.

Free spins : Nowadays, it is not only the classic table games that are particularly interesting at online casinos, what about the many slot machines that are offered? Slots enjoy a special popularity because they can really be played by anyone without any problem. Moreover, online casinos regularly place these games in the spotlight, for example by awarding free spins. With these spins it is possible to bet on a certain slot machine during one or more rounds of play without having to use real money. You should keep in mind that the amounts you can earn by using free spins wins are bonus amounts. In concrete terms, this means that you will first have to play them around before you can have them paid out to your bank account. In any case, it goes without saying that wagering free spins carries enormous potential.

Friends referral bonus : Online casinos are always looking for new players to join them. They can certainly use the necessary help for that. Players who are satisfied with an online casino and would like their friends to register with it, for example, can also benefit from this themselves. Of course your friends will be able to count on the nice welcome bonus, which means they can immediately earn quite a bit of money, but you also receive a financial advantage. This financial advantage is awarded in the form of a ‘ friend referral bonus”. Each online casino uses a set amount for this, which is added to your account after the friend has been verified. Submitting multiple friends to a certain online casino can earn you quite a bit of money this way.

Cashback bonus : In certain cases, so called risk free bets are offered by online casinos. This type of bet requires certain bets to be placed, if they are lost they are refunded up to a certain amount. Please note, this refund can be immediate or delayed. For example, it is possible that you have to wait until the end of the month before you can recover the lost amounts. Apart from this, it goes without saying that the cashback bonus is also one that hides an enormous potential.

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