Craps is a very fascinating game, especially when you master different strategies. Of course, you can simply play craps without perfecting yourself at this game, but in this case you will not get any visible advantages from playing craps. So the best way to win at craps – to use various craps strategies. Today we are going to present you a risky but at the same time a very profitable craps strategy – Betting with the House.

Bet with the House is online craps strategy that offers players to make a profit out of casino’s advantage at craps table. If that sounds crazy to you, it means you know nothing about huge house advantage of the casino at craps game. This way you should read the beginner’s guide to playing craps and after that return to strategies.

Bet with the house in action

For the shooter the goal of a craps game is to roll dice craps until the Point. If you are acquainted with math and have heard about theory, you will quickly understand that this goal is a chargeback system. Who wins at craps in this way? Of course, casino wins.

If you would like to win at a great distance, you should make profit of a house advantage. Just bet with the house – casino bets on the shooter’s loss, and you should do the same.

It means you should make a Don’t Pass Line bet, as it is more likely to have positive wins as the odds of rolling seven are frankly low.

To make casino work in your favor – that is the point of this craps strategy. There is no need to mention that this very craps system won’t be to your opponents’ liking. When they notice that you are constantly winning, they may yell at you and complain to casino authorities. Don’t be afraid of it, you are not breaking the rules, and tilting opponent is always fun to play with.

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