This category is one of the most important in our online casino tests and comparisons. Most of the best online casino games offer various payment possibilities. It is not just about how fast you can deposit, but also how quickly you have your winnings in your own account. For those who like to use a voucher, the payouts are just as important. Whether it’s a welcome bonus or a recurring promotion, almost all promotions require a deposit. It is important to have a choice of payment methods that suit your needs. How easy is it to deposit and how fast is the money in the game account.

Besides credit cards, there are a number of other methods that can be used. Paypal, paysafecard, bank transfer and many others are often included. But payments also need to be processed quickly so that you get your winnings in the account as quickly as possible. Not all providers give this information in advance without registering. Therefore, it is even more important to inform yourself in advance about the rates and the speed of the transactions so that you can have a better time playing at your favorite online casino. What casino games count towards the bonus billing and how much do i have to bet.

Online casino bonus offers are different for each provider and can quickly lead to misunderstandings, especially for beginners. Customer service is also an important criterion when choosing a new provider. No matter how well a page is designed, questions or problems can always arise. This can affect games as well as payouts and other processes in good casino games. Therefore, it is important for a supplier to address customer concerns. And as fast and easy as possible. If there are problems and you have to wait days or even weeks to find a solution, the fun of the game can quickly disappear.

In this category, we take a look at customer service and check email and phone support, as well as live chat. What good online casino do you recommend which online casino provider is the best online casino gaming. This question about the best online casino is not easy to answer. That is because it depends on your preferences. So-called high rollers casino players who play high stakes have different demands on a casino than someone who has just started playing online and is looking for a good online casino gaming.

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