Playing live roulette online is relatively straightforward, although the rules and pace of the game vary depending on the version you choose. The goal is to place the correct bet, ie guess correctly at which number the ball will stop when the roulette wheel stops spinning. As you may already know, roulette consists of two important parts, which are the wheel and the table. Both have the same numbers between 1 and 36 and either one zero or two zeros (as in the American version). Each number has a color of either black or red, and zeros are green. In each round of live casino roulette, players can place either indoor bets or outdoor bets. You can place your bet on any of the roulette wheel numbers, but you can also try multiple bets in one round if you wish.

The croupier in charge of the game drops the ball to the edge of the wheel, from where it starts to spin and eventually stops at one of the pockets of the wheel. When the wheel stops, the dealer announces the winning number and players can place their next bet if they wish to continue playing. While roulette may seem awkward to a beginner’s eyes, its rules are easy to learn in a few quick rounds. Live Roulette brings this classic, fast-paced casino game directly to players ’living rooms via live video streaming. And with, you can choose your favorite from over 30 great live roulette tables.

There may be several different versions of live roulette online, but the main principle of the game is always the same: the dealer spins the wheel, players place their bets on the final result, and one or more players can win. So simple. Traditional online roulette games run on a random number generator, so the games are always fair and the player has the same chances of winning as in the live version of the game. While live roulette may at first glance seem quite different from traditional online roulette, its playing is actually very much the same. Roulette hosted by a real dealer at a live casino works in exactly the same way as a classic game played at a stone-foot casino: you can watch in real time as the dealer spins the roulette wheel for complete peace of mind. In addition, playing with a professional and stylish dealer creates an authentic gaming experience.

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