Blackjack is a casino game that is played with one or more regular decks of cards. The number of decks of cards is irrelevant to how you play and does not affect the level of difficulty. The game is played on a table where one or more players can participate . Each player is dealt the cards by a dealer. The sensor is on the opposite side of the table and also has its own cards. As a player, it is always the dealer you play against and try to win over. This is the task of all players and you do not play against other players and it does not matter how many you are at the table. The only effect several players have is that it takes longer to play a round than if you are alone at the table. The game involves getting a higher amount on your dealt cards than the dealer has, and this without exceeding the sum 21. Sometimes Blackjack is also called the game 21, and that is precisely because of this. The player always has a choice to make at each round, and the most common choices are to either take one more card or to stop and keep the cards you have. You can continue to take as many cards as you want, but if you exceed 21, you have automatically lost the round.

As I said, a player has the choice to draw cards whenever he wants or decide to stay when desired, but the dealer does not have these choices, but what he is allowed to do is determined by the game’s Blackjack rules that this particular Blackjack table has. The basic rules are always the same with getting as close to 21 as possible, but things like when the dealer must stop or when he must draw a card can vary from table to table. This means that the dealer does not affect the outcome of the game at all, but it is how you play and which cards are drawn from the deck or decks that determines whether you win or lose.

Before each round you play at Blackjack, you bet a sum of money. How much you are allowed to bet is also predetermined and varies within a minimum and maximum interval. These intervals can vary widely, but as a rule, both the minimum and maximum values ​​are either low or both high. When you lose a hand, you also lose your bet, but if you win a hand, you get your bet back twice. There are some special rules when you can win more than you bet and lose less than your entire bet when you lose a round. More about this we talk about in part 2 about the Blackjack school.

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