Having scratch cards available in any establishment … why should you acquire them online and in a virtual way? If you are asking yourself this, in this section we will give you an extensive answer. First of all, you have a multitude of different cards (and as they say, “in variety is the taste”), and in some of them it is not reduced to a simple inanimate card, instead, you will find a game with more dose of dynamism, with extra incentives such as special symbols (in the waterfall-type scratch cards you have some symbols that make it possible to increase the chances of obtaining prizes), with animations and a colorful and stimulating design, sound effects and high prizes. Older,

If the above is not enough, in the virtual version you have a demo version of the Scratch Cards so that before deciding to take the plunge and bet, you can see if you like it, try as many times as you want with play money and choose which one you want to enjoy and experience the emotions that real money gambling provides. In the industry, scratch cards are currently available in Botemania, this being the only provider that has opted for this type of online gambling. From our website we recommend this casino for complying with the regulations of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling, having a great variety of payment methods, being a casino with high security and protection, and having a great variety of games on-line. From Botemania casino you can try scratch cards completely free of charge thanks to its demo versions.

We hope that this review has helped you to learn about another very interesting online gambling modality within the wide range of online games available in Spain . Next, we present 2 of the scratch games available in Botemania, so that you have an idea of ??the main characteristics of them before launching to try them. Remember that in all of them you have their demo version available, so you can play as many times as you want before taking the leap with real money deposits.

First of all, the Scratchcard shop offers you 6 different scratch cards, and you can win prizes of € 16 to € 30,000. Within this scratchcard game, each card has a different RTP, ranging from 93.10% to 94.58%. Also in Botemanía you have among its range of games the Diamond Ultra Cash, a scratch game in which you have a board of 8 rows and 8 columns, being a waterfall type game in which you have to match a minimum of 6 diamonds of the same color to win prizes, up to a multiplier of x100 with 16 matching symbols. You also have the Wild Crystal, which when it appears will absorb the diamonds of a certain color, creating extra chances of winning. The percentage of return to the player is 94.26%.

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