For the first time the 5 Count craps strategy has been mentioned in the Frank Scoblete’s book “Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos” which was published in 1994. As we know today, the system to play craps was successfully developed by the leader of the high roller group of players. Generally, this strategy aims to maximize player’s advantage over the casino house.

5 count strategy in action

The principle of this casino strategy lies in tendency to cut the shooters’ total number in order to keep wagering only on hot shooters at the online craps table you are playing at. In other words, you should bet only on the “appropriate” rollers. In fact, more than a half of shooters won’t deserve your bets.

So, how to identify the shooter(s) suited for your bets? The process of finding the proper shooter consists of 5 stages/counts.

The 1st stage – you start following new player throwing dices until he/she rolls the Point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10). You begin to count from 1.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages – you continue counting, no matter what result the dices will bring (with the exception of seven number, of course). This will be count 2, count 3, and count 4.

The 5th stage – you continue counting only if the shooter rolls the Point number again. In case the shooter rolls 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 the 4-count remains. As soon as the Point rolls, you count 5 and start making bets (Come or Place) on the shooter.

Be sure to make use of the highest odds for each number. You can carry on this way until the roller doesn’t succeed to meet your numbers three times in succession. In this case you make way to 2 rolls and then continue betting. Continue playing this way until 7 rolls out.

5 count effectiveness

5 Count effectiveness remains to be an arguable question from the very moment of its creation. First of all, there are no guaranties that every craps table could boast hot shooter(s). Secondly, it is possible that “hot shooter” will cost you losses just after 5-count.

The positive experience of other players using 5 Count craps strategy at tables can be considered to be the evidence of this system benefits. And anyway 5-counting will help you to slightly slow down you play and act more cautious at craps tables. The casinos are used to encourage cautious players that don’t tend to bet any roll, so be ready to receive some incentives.

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