Even if casino games are played to make house money, you can use casino strategies to improve your chances of winning. Having a casino game strategy ensures that you play with a specific strategy and do not play blindly in the game. There is a lot of information out there, especially on the Internet, that advertises winning casino strategies that guarantee you will win money. Be careful with these guarantees, as there are no surefire casino strategies that can give you better odds than the house. But to help your chances of winning some money, you should use a solid casino strategy and be sure that they are free casino strategies. We offer a wide range of articles on tips, systems and strategies for the most popular casino games from blackjack and roulette strategy to baccarat and video poker strategy.

One of the best strategies you can use is to learn the game like knowing the odds, outs and how to play the game correctly. Learn the odds of each game and the edge that the house has over the player. Craps and Blackjack have good player odds while Roulette generally has the worst. Blackjack is the most popular casino game, both online and at land-based casinos, and there are many casino strategies for it. You can find Blackjack strategy cards online and they will tell you information such as when to hit, stand and double down. These can be good to use, especially if you are a beginning player. There are many casino strategies for, pretty much, every casino game, but you need to make sure you find one that you are comfortable with and one that is legitimate.

There are many online casinos where they allow free games before playing for real money. These are the best places to try a casino game strategy. Why try a new strategy that you have not used before if it will cost you money? Play for free and try the casino game strategy and if it does not work you can try another and it costs nothing. On the other hand, if you discover winning casino strategies, you can start playing for real money because the casino game strategy has worked for you.

Provided that you get exactly one more card, the original bet can be doubled. To do this, simply place the same amount in chips next to the first bet or simply click the corresponding button in online blackjack . Often it is only allowed to double the bet if the first two cards add up to nine, ten or eleven points. Finally, the dealer draws or reveals his second card. If he has a maximum of 16 points, he must draw another card. With 17 or more points, the dealer automatically says “stand”. Sometimes there is also a rule that the dealer draws again on a hand with an ace and 17 points. If you play blackjack according to the following scheme , the house edge is extremely minimized. There are also so-called blackjack tables for this strategy , but we have created a clear list for you here. A distinction is made between “soft” and “hard” hands. A hand is “soft” whenever there is an ace in it, which is still flexible.

When card counting was still possible, you could defeat the blackjack provider in the long run. However, this is now rarely possible in the casino or online blackjack . Nevertheless, we have put together some great tips for you to increase your chances:

  • Before you start, familiarize yourself with the blackjack rules .
  • If you’re the type, check out blackjack tables .
  • Prefer games with fewer decks of cards as the house edge is smaller here.
  • Make sure that with a “blackjack” you are optimally paid out at 3: 2.
  • Insurance and the “bust” bet reduce variance, but are not profitable in the long run.
  • Games free online blackjack, to practice the strategy.
  • If you want to play blackjack for real money , then choose an online casino with a good bonus offer.

When the famous Roulette wheel was invented, it was the European version. It consisted of a huge wheel with numbers from 0 to 36, the aim of the game was to guess the number, color or both of the “slot” in which a small white ball would stop and be thrown into the spinning wheel. Really very simple, but not so simple that it makes winning easy. So why invent a new version of the wheel and call it “American”? American or European Roulette A little history of the European roulette wheel is needed before moving on to the differences from the American one. The European wheel, often called the French wheel because it was created in France, was a major leap forward when it was invented. It gained popularity in European nations with players having more fun and winning with the big wheel, soon this popularity reached the other side of the ocean and of course the casinos in any country immediately wanted to introduce it among their games. .

The European version consists of 37 number slots, 1 – 36 and one for 0. The arrangement of the wheel and numbers is completely random and does not follow any symmetry. But when the game was brought to America, casino owners did not like the odds of this big wheel, they favored the player more than the casino, and this led them to modify roulette by giving birth to the American wheel. The American version of the wheel contains “slots” for 38 numbers, 1 – 36, one for 0 and another for 00! By adding this extra 00 slot the odds changed favoring the casino and not the player anymore. The arrangement of the numbers was also changed, now they were placed in pairs facing each other thus making the arrangement more uniform and attractive for American casinos.

When this wheel was unveiled in the US, players began to lose the luck they had on the European wheel, convincing casino owners that they made the right choice by creating that new wheel. The difference in odds may seem minimal to a person watching the two reels, I mean it’s just one more slot in the wheel, how much difference can it make. A single bet by the casino on one number in the 38-number American version of Roulette is priced at 2/38, which equates to a percentage of 5.26%. For the European version of roulette, a single bet by the casino on a number has a probability of 1/37, 2.70%. So the gist of this article is that when you play roulette, both online and real, always look for the one based on the European wheel to have a better chance of winning.

There are different ways to rank online casinos. This article discusses casino classifications based on how different each is, or similar, to another. This will help new players understand these similarities and differences, and better understand the structure of the online casino world. The first type of online casino is represented by the “stand alone” ones, which differ from all the others in every aspect. They are based on proprietary software that is not used by any other online casino. One of the most popular online casinos of this type is Slot land. The games they offer are unique and cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. While this uniqueness can be beneficial, there aren’t many casinos of this type. The reason is that these type of casinos are not very competitive. The costs of software development and the management of the new games are entirely the responsibility of the individual casino. On the contrary, in other casinos, the software is created by external companies and the cost divided among all those who will use it, making the system more competitive and favorable. Remembering that the games offered by Scotland are not found anywhere else, we point out that this casino only offers 25 games, adding 3 or 4 each year. Other casinos, such as those operated by Micro gaming, add 3 or 4 games every month.

Online casino rating The second type of online casino is those that use licensed software, provided by an independent developer who also licenses other casinos. The only thing a casino of this type shares with others is the type of software. The games you find in these casinos are identical to the others that use the same software. Each of these casinos has their own promotions and tournaments, as well as terms and conditions of use. Usually these casinos compete by providing other online games, such as poker, bingo and sports betting. The third type of online casino is represented by those belonging to an online casino group. The group is managed and funded by a company (or entity) and the online casinos belonging to it often use the same software provider.

In addition to offering the same set of games, online casinos from the same group also share other functions. For example, Micro gaming casinos such as Fortune Lounge Group share promotions. “Diamonds are forever” is a promotion that is currently running in all casinos of this group. Another shared function is that of online tournaments. The online casinos of the English Harbor group have the same tournaments where players from different online casinos play and compete together. A question that will surely arise for the most curious players is why they have so many different casinos in the same group, which share the same functions. There are two main reasons. Like any other market, the online casino market is highly fragmented. The different casinos in a group target different market segments. One way to segment the market is to divide it according to the theme of the online casino. Casinos with oriental images and names target the Asian market. Likewise, online casinos with a futuristic and technological theme can attract younger players.

Some people prefer the simplicity and interesting design of the slot machines, while others can not get enough of the excitement you experience during a round of card games. The card games have thus gained a huge number of fans, not only internationally, but also within the country. But why are they so popular? If you were to ask the fans themselves, they would probably answer any of the following: card games are entertaining, exciting and simple. But there is also another aspect that attracts people to this type of game, and that is that the success of the game is mainly affected by the player’s personal experience and knowledge. Although most casino games are primarily based on luck, you also need to use your brain cells when playing card games. This means that you who start a game round and know the rules have a really good chance of winning.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games, both for those who play less often and those who play card games regularly. It is also a game that you get better at the more experience you have because your chances of winning are largely affected by your knowledge and the strategies you use. Do you know what a Hard hand or Unbalanced count means? If not, we recommend that you learn it, as well as other blackjack terms before you start playing. Also do not miss words like Hit, Stand, Double and Split as they stand for the different options that players have during a round. If you want to succeed when playing casino games such as slot machines, you do not necessarily have to know all the rules , but when it comes to blackjack, you need to know how the game works. Fortunately, the rules are very simple and can be understood even by new players.

The best blackjack players have a huge advantage – in the long run they can continue to win against the casino. There are several game systems and strategies (including a lot of tips and tricks) that are often used when playing. Unlike the systems used in roulette , the chances of you succeeding when you play blackjack actually increase. Proven strategies include simple card counting systems such as Red Seven, but also more advanced systems that require some mathematical thinking. Many players already know and have seen the benefits of playing at online casinos. Playing from the comfort of your own home, attractive bonuses , greater chance of winning… Do we need to continue? Online casinos offer a wide range of card games, including several variants of blackjack. You can choose from several variants, and online you also have the perfect chance to test all the games for free first. So make a number of free bets first, and then you can choose to play for real money on the games you liked best.

Blackjack is a casino game that is played with one or more regular decks of cards. The number of decks of cards is irrelevant to how you play and does not affect the level of difficulty. The game is played on a table where one or more players can participate . Each player is dealt the cards by a dealer. The sensor is on the opposite side of the table and also has its own cards. As a player, it is always the dealer you play against and try to win over. This is the task of all players and you do not play against other players and it does not matter how many you are at the table. The only effect several players have is that it takes longer to play a round than if you are alone at the table. The game involves getting a higher amount on your dealt cards than the dealer has, and this without exceeding the sum 21. Sometimes Blackjack is also called the game 21, and that is precisely because of this. The player always has a choice to make at each round, and the most common choices are to either take one more card or to stop and keep the cards you have. You can continue to take as many cards as you want, but if you exceed 21, you have automatically lost the round.

As I said, a player has the choice to draw cards whenever he wants or decide to stay when desired, but the dealer does not have these choices, but what he is allowed to do is determined by the game’s Blackjack rules that this particular Blackjack table has. The basic rules are always the same with getting as close to 21 as possible, but things like when the dealer must stop or when he must draw a card can vary from table to table. This means that the dealer does not affect the outcome of the game at all, but it is how you play and which cards are drawn from the deck or decks that determines whether you win or lose.

Before each round you play at Blackjack, you bet a sum of money. How much you are allowed to bet is also predetermined and varies within a minimum and maximum interval. These intervals can vary widely, but as a rule, both the minimum and maximum values ​​are either low or both high. When you lose a hand, you also lose your bet, but if you win a hand, you get your bet back twice. There are some special rules when you can win more than you bet and lose less than your entire bet when you lose a round. More about this we talk about in part 2 about the Blackjack school.

Most new casinos are safe and you shouldn’t expect any problems from them. Unfortunately, among the hundreds of websites there will be those that will be focused only on extortion. It is worth sticking to the pages that we recommend on our website. We verify all casinos described on our website in great detail. If you are acting on your own, be sure to check the license number and by which authority it was issued. The casino’s credibility is also significantly increased by cooperation with well-known developers. Valid license be sure to check with google that the license number is correct and belongs to the online casino game.

Cooperation with recognized studios having casino games from top providers significantly increases the reliability of the casino a clean approach to fair gaming. The online casino games offered by the casino should be fair advocate responsible gambling. The casino should support responsible gambling and player protection organizations. Transparency of promotion conditions: beware of pages that do not provide detailed and transparent promotion terms and conditions. Many new online casinos face specific problems of childhood.

One of the things that lame usually is customer service. It happens very often that a new casino, instead of a live chat, only provides a contact form or an e-mail address to which messages can be directed. If we already have a live chat, it usually does not work 24 hours a day and finding support is almost a miracle. Very often you will encounter a situation when you receive an answer in broken to a question. You can even be sure that the service uses the so-called translator. Of course, there are exceptions and you will also meet new casinos that offer great customer service from day one.

New casinos can be categorized in different ways. We looked at casinos with games from top providers and the best payments for each player. Based on this, we have selected a few noteworthy casinos that offer world-class slots. These are the games of microgamin, netent and playtech, i.e. Giants on the market. Take a look at the suggestions below and choose the new online casino that best suits your needs. The method of payment is very important to players. Recently, bitcoin is gaining great popularity, which gives a lot of anonymity and, above all, allows you to break away from traditional money.

While older casinos are very slowly introducing deposits by cryptocurrencies that are so younger, they have no problem with it. You can also often come across higher bonuses for bitcoin users. No deposit bonuses are perfect for this. It is usually new casinos that are associated with no deposit bonuses not without a reason. They are associated with a huge cost and a considerable risk of abuse by dishonest players registering multiple accounts. Hence, new entities fighting for players take this risk more often. The new online casinos raise legitimate credibility and security concerns among some.

Mobile devices are extremely important to all casinos entering the market. Today, most internet traffic goes through mobile devices. Young casinos target young players more. Older, they show more loyalty and change the casino less often. When targeting younger users, new entrants simply need to have a good mobile side and a decent mobile app. New casinos are distinguished by modern technologies. Almost all websites have responsive websites. This makes them work just as well on your computer and mobile phone.

Online casinos operating on the market may have websites that have not been updated for years and are less mobile-friendly. Contrary to appearances, this is a significant advantage of young people over old casinos game. In addition to the aspects described above, there are a number of other things that we take into account when evaluating new online casinos. Some of these values ??cannot be measured or directly compared to other casinos. An example is the usability of a website and how the user panel is structured.

Some casinos attach great importance to user experience and others completely ignore this issue. The result is that in one platform, registration, depositing money or playing slots is hassle-free, everything is at your fingertips. Everything else has to be looked for a similar issue is honesty and approach to players. It takes in-depth testing of a given platform to catch it. So what if the casino gives you a high welcome bonus, since deep in the long text of the regulations it hides provisions that are unfavorable for the player. Most of the best slots can be excluded from promotional trading and this can be limited to e.g. 7 days. Such dirty licks significantly reduce the attractiveness of the new casino and without careful analysis it is difficult to catch them.

Many of the best live casinos have fought for years with casino game players. However, live casino is a question mark for many people, and you just can’t tell if this is a reliable place to play. Our site offers the most popular site for those interested in live casino games, as we provide you with first-hand experience from other players. This makes it easier to play live casino game. Whether you are already a seasoned gamer or just a beginner, we try to tell you all the nuts in the shell so that you don’t need them.

Despite many reviews and casino gaming experiences, our site is not the broker of any one live casino, but we are a completely third party, we share good experiences with other users. To be a good we cannot invite, because all the inaugural offers and bonuses mentioned on our site and in our reviews are determined by the live casinos themselves and not by the delights we offer. If this type of gold medal is known to every new live casino participant, why not tell us.

For starters, we provide all our readers’ reviews of the places most trusted, along with their good and bad points. The live casino people have always been the promised people of casino games. Gambling is more interesting on the internet, as in our country physical live casinos are very rare. On the other hand, what is a richer way to spend the evening rather than sparking the excitement of gambling at other times than the trading floor or checking out the weekly coupon. For this reason, it is a good idea to present these open spaces online and offer you the best place to play many good options.

Live casino place is also a very good place to start playing because live casinos love to offer various bonuses and free spins, which can make skeptical too good to be true. However, these offers are true, and these generous individual offers are more detailed along with the reviews, so you can benefit from your gaming experience. We have also tried to open up various rules for obtaining live casino bonuses in such a way that as many people as possible understand the rules involved, and on the other hand, do not fear them and openly accept generous offers.

None of the expert statistics is comparable to the actual experience of casino players who have experienced all the pros and cons of the new format of the game in rubles. Of course, the reviews are both positive and negative. We must remember that some casino users may not smile at fate, which has led to negative reviews. On the contrary, the winning participants rejoice in the victory. They are happy to share their feelings about the casino game with other enthusiasts in special forums. Based on all the above criteria, our experts have compiled the top 10 best site games with top live dealers that are published in front of you.

However, we do not stop, we regularly check live casino and update this list. Our experts are gamblers who have experienced experience in virtual games. We are constantly monitoring the casino situation and, if necessary, making adjustments to the list of proven casino establishments with live dealers, so you have all the necessary information about the best casino places in the world. Clubs with a good club and the opportunity to receive additional bonuses for a good game. Playgrounds with round-the-clock technical assistance and a wide selection of payment systems.

Licensed casino that protects players’ funds and their personal data, language casino that offer exciting online games. Online casino sites will not be included in the best list of the best if they do not take part in resolving disputes with players. You do not have a license do not provide technical assistance do not offer generous bonuses and other attractive incentives. You do not have several versions and payment system deferred payment introduction of territorial restrictions unprotected protect the personal data and funds of casino members.

The competition in the world of online casino establishments is quite high. Some live casinos try to attract expert analysts to get rich by not following fair play rules. For us, the objectivity of information comes first. To find out what is the best online facility with dealers in other countries of the world, we checked dozens of casinos. After a thorough inspection, each site was evaluated according to which our review was compiled. The main feature of direct casino is the ability to communicate with players in real time. Agree, is it more enjoyable to have a dialogue with someone whose emotions you see on the screen ?! Especially when you are driven crazy and with common interests.