It is a that a fee is sometimes charged when playing online casino on invoice, and this is even charged in certain places, even if the invoice is paid on time. At the same time, there are certain individual online casinos that introduce a fee to pay the casino on credit. For this reason, we would always recommend that it be investigated what costs may be associated with the individual transaction methods. What does an invoice for playing at online casinos really look like. It is a legal requirement that the invoice number series and the invoice date appear on the invoice.

That the player’s personal information in the form of name, address and registration number is clearly shown on the invoice. In addition, it must be stated how much has been played for at the casino in question on credit. There are still some online casinos that do not offer this payment solution. However, there are tendencies that more online casinos make it possible to pay on credit, as it has just become more popular to play online casino on invoice. We will always recommend that the online casino in question with an invoice is approved by the casino gaming authority.

When an online casino is certified and accepted by the casino gaming authority, you can be sure that the gaming provider has the required online casino gaming license in, and that the gaming environment is thus legal and proper. Once again, we want to emphasize that playing online casino on an invoice makes it possible to play for money that you do not actually have. If you have problems controlling your game consumption and playing for money you do not have, then this is not the recommended solution.

Online casino game guides you to play successfully for money at online casinos in gambling. By reading here on the site, you thus get the best tips and advice to play for money on the online casino sites on the web. Furthermore, via our page you can create an overview of the respective gaming sites in online casino game, so that you have the opportunity to play on the site where you are offered the best casino games and where you can get the best gaming experiences. It is therefore absolutely important that you are aware of how much money is realistically available to play for if you play on credit.

The object of the game is for the cards in their hands to have a sum as close as possible to 21 and at the same time to have a larger sum than the dealer. Below are the terms and conditions from blackjack games in detail. One of the most important points in both regular and online casinos is for players to recognize the value of each card open on the table. This way they will be able to play each game comfortably and choose the strategy they want according to their interest. To emphasize that it is the initial stage for counting cards that increases the chances of success.

In blackjack there is not just one type of game but several variations that make huge differences in the evolution of each hand. These variations can be in the amount of decks used, if certain cards are missing such as 10s or in the rules such as if the dealer is obliged to stop or draw another card in a sum. The basic rules of blackjack game at What we mean is that the rules for the classic game are the ones we mention above. While it is good to start and play first with the classic and later move on to some variation.

Multi-hand blackjack uses 5 decks. Doubling is only allowed from 9 to 11 while it is not allowed to do double split and surrender. The most popular of the blackjack variations as it uses only 1 deck and can be dealt relatively easily. Doubling is allowed only once after split. The dealer draws a new card in soft 17. The player gets 2 sets of cards and two bets of the same value are made. It is possible to change the second sheet with a new one. Allow doubling after split once. Blackjack pays 1 to 1. The dealer at 22 pushes all of the player’s hands except blackjack.

The dealer’s first 2 cards are open and he wins all draws except blackjack. The odds of blackjack are 1 to 1. The dealer takes a card in soft 17. Split up to 4 cards are allowed. Doubling is allowed from 9 to 11, and after split. Players bet on the next card of the dealer with different odds. There is the corresponding table in the game. Wanting to gain a complete experience in online blackjack we did a live test in blackjack without money, blackjack with real money and live blackjack to see their differences and the opportunities they offer but also where you can find them in online casinos.

A binary options is a term utilized in the trading world that relates to a form of purchased asset where in fact the purchaser stands to get a fixed payoff or little to nothing at all. With the use of binary options trading, an investor gets the potential to get significant earnings in a shorter amount of time when compared with regular options trading. This prospect of quick results is offset by a higher level of risk. The risk is when the asset does not mature in the money then the only other benefit is nothing. Binary possibilities agents can advise you that type of trading may be beneficial so long as you know your market and don’t put everything available for one asset.

The Concept Behind Binary Options Trading

The idea of binary options trading is among all or nothing. Fundamentally, if you call it right then you win and win in a fixed commission. On the other hand, if you don’t call it right then you lose everything. Binary options trading is well suited for for ex trading where speculation is completed against fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.

A Good Example

Let us say the strike price is 50.00 per selection. Let’s also state that you choose to get 20 choices at 100 each. If you are predicting the price will be above 50 once the option matures then you will be paid the decided percentage of return. Let’s say that this return is 85%. In this case you would be paid 185 per option times 20 for a complete of 3,700 – 1,700 revenue. When the price doesn’t find yourself above the strike price then the payout is nothing. You lose your entire initial investment.

As an example of how binary choices trading works, let us say that you choose to invest in crude oil stocks. So, you buy 100 contracts and choose if the value can conclude greater at the maturity date or lower. You can also select the time. The price you’re watching may be the current trying to sell price or what’s generally known as the strike price.

The Place to Start

If binary options trading matches your needs, the spot to start has been one of the several binary options brokers giving their services on the internet. These sites make it simple to get enrolled, fund your bill, and start trading instantly. It is an excellent strategy for those seeking to earn money in the short term.

With more and more binary options brokers going down the regulatory route, leaving us traders in the lurch, it is now more important than ever before to find a broker who both serves the us market, and fits your needs as a trader and person.

Online bingo is a very popular and entertaining online casino game. Online bingo has become more popular because more varieties are available on internet which were first only played in the different lands. Now, everyone has an access to these. Online bingo provides its most traditional 75 ball game. In this, there are five rows and five columns and each row has 15 random numbers which are between specific ranges. The basic rules apply to all the varieties though. That is, you are provided with a card with random numbers written over them.

Next, the numbers are displayed on the screen and you can check for these numbers on your card. The aim of bingo is to clear the numbers in specific pattern at Sure, online bingo does give more options on these specific patterns than the land-based casinos. So, this is definitely an advantage of the online bingo. 90 ball game is also offered as a variety of online bingo, online bingo is real?. In this, three rows and nine columns are given on the card and each row has five numbers.

In this also, the same rules apply to win the jackpot. There is a slight difference though. That is, the game is played in 3 different sections i.e. 1-line, 2-line and the one which offers you the jackpot is full house. Another variant is 80 ball online bingo. Now, this variant falls somewhere in between the first two. The card has four rows and four columns. This has some pre-set patterns like the pattern of an x shape. There can be other patterns like four central square pattern, read more. Coverall online bingo is a new variant of online bingo.

As the name implies, the players are required to cover all the numbers on the cards before the declaration of the 41st ball. It is pretty simple and also easy to understand and play click here It is increasingly becoming one of the popular online bingo variant these days. Deal or no deal online bingo is also a new variant of online bingo. In this, the winner is asked to make a deal to win extra cash. To take up the deal or deny it is absolutely in the hands of the player. So, now you must have seen that there are many variants of online bingo so why not to visit an online casino and ride your way through online bingo game.

The rules in roulette are child-friendly you first count on a number or color, which the ball may fall to when it is thrown onto the rotating roulette wheel. If the ball falls on the set number or color, one has won. There are three types of roulette European roulette with the numbers 0 to 36, the roulette with the same numbers and the additional la Partage rule, and the roulette with an additional 00. If these variants are available, you should opt for European roulette. Because the house advantage is hugely different while it is only 2.7% in roulette, it is significantly higher in roulette with 5.26%. In order to spice up the odds of winning, one does not bet on a single number or a single result, but on several.

This increases the chance of winning one of the many set qualities. For example, either the ball falls on a black or red color, either an even or an odd number, or one of the lower numbers (1-18) or upper numbers (19-36). In all three bets the odds are 1: 1. However, if you bet on one of the three dozen roulette bets, either on the numbers 1-12, 13-25 or 26-36, then the odds increase to 2: 1 you win for example with a bet of 100 you get in total 300 back. Why play roulette in online casino? A classic roulette game does not necessarily have to be played in the evening dress and with a drink in the hand. Of course, it has its charm to pamper yourself for an elegant appearance in a classic casino and spend an evening in decadent mood. But sometimes it is not time or desire to do so much effort, just to play a part of his favorite game at There are also online casinos for such cases.

Most of the major online casinos also offer access and versions for mobile devices – so-called mobile casinos. Thanks to the web-sites and apps that are adapted for smartphones and tablets, you can simply and everywhere access one of the many roulette tables. If an internet connection is established. Mobile casinos are as safe as their counterparts from computers or laptops. So why not use the reduced time on the next train delay and keep yourself roulette with a few rounds? Folding in good weather also from the garden or park. Thanks to the wide selection of online casinos, you can play roulette from the comfort of your own home without having to make your way to the nearest casino or to have a fixed opening time.

In addition, online casinos offer a range of deposit and withdrawal options, secure encryption practices and a wide range of games. Everything from the comfort of your own couch, for your relaxed roulette evening. But the flavors are known to be different and there are at least as many different types of players as there are lucky games. Some people take gambling very seriously, focus on specific strategies, and perhaps even deserve their support. Since large, colorful and loud casinos can already provide a lot of distraction. Online casinos can help by adapting their environment to their needs with or without music, drinks, eating odors, human resources, etc.

Bonuses and promotions another advantage of enjoying casino games like roulette online are the many bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer! Of course, there is enough of this and we come into the game because we give you an overview of the best online casinos, bonuses and promotions. Some of the key points to consider when choosing the right online casinos are the seriousness of the casino, a wide range of games, a number of common and appropriate payment options, and fair rules, and a generous welcome bonus, as well as regular bonuses and actions.

The casino, for example, offers a whole welcome package , offering a 100% bonus up to 150 for the first and second deposit, and a 50% bonus of up to 300 for the third deposit. Other casinos offer attractive welcome bonuses. Thus, new customers of sun maker receive a 150% welcome bonus up to 150 or for a deposit of only one euro an additional 15. Roulette is fun. It exudes the elegance of a classic casino game and at the same time offers the nerve tickle, with some luck to earn a whole lot of money. With online casinos, this is even possible anywhere. But before you go to the roulette tables on the internet, you should take the time and use our casino reviews to find the deal that best suits you, so that your first big roulette win nothing stands in the way!

This small difference reduces the house advantage from 5.26% to 2.63% in these games and makes the European roulette extremely attractive and one of the best of the two variants that you can play in the casino. Overall, the version is more available in the online casino than in the real casino or in the casino, which makes it an advantage for the player online. So if you are looking to win your bet, then you should always choose the roulette.

No matter what online roulette variant you want to play, most online casinos also offer it in a live dealer format. With these games, you can play live and live in real-time online video streaming in a virtual casinos environment, making it feel like you’re in las vegas at a real roulette table. The only thing missing to make this scenario even more real is the people in the background, the players, the around. Live dealer games offer a whole new element of gaming pleasure. However, they are not suitable for impatient players, because live roulette can not be made faster. The ball rolls in the kettle as long as it takes. For such players we recommend the normal roulette games, where you can adjust whether you want to play faster.

Interesting from the online casino world, in this section you will find various articles about this and that from the online casino world. The articles are also meant to help you find your way around the world in an online casino and not to fall into the hands of unscrupulous operators. It is also meant to prevent you from striking over your strings and possibly losing your home and yard. Here you will find information about the different bonuses offered by the online casinos, what has just come out for new games in the gambling market, where you can play them safely and profitably, and so much more. We will also try to publish a couple of player experiences so that you can see how other players in an online casino are or have gone.

Where a casino is, is also a Playtech casinos. A Playtech casinos is a very different side of the casino. Think big, and expensive. Think about James bond men in tuxedos, women in evening dresses with expensive jewelry and elaborate make-up. Martinis and whiskey, cigars and muted music. The piles of chips on the table seem infinitely large. That looks like money. Of course, this now sounds very chic and micki, of course, but it is also very much overpowered, but it should give you an idea of hat a playtech casinos is a player who has a lot of money and plays with big stakes. A Playtech casinos knows its game and has nerves of steel. We are talking about minimum bets of 100,000 and more !

A playtech casinos is a casino that takes care of these special customers, because anyone who brings so much money wants to be treated especially. Thus, casinos that want to attract these players make a special VIP program available. This is now available for both land-based casinos and online casinos visit here Interested? But what does such a VIP package look like? What does it include and how to become a vip? Here you will find all the information you need! Playtech casino games interestingly, the most popular playtech casinos game is not what most people associatively think of.

Many poker, blackjack or craps come to mind immediately. The casino has a comparatively low house advantage compared to the player. That is, the profit chances are greater. The minimum bet can be very different for playtech casinos games and tables at In slot machines playtech casinos statistics, this usually starts around 50 and can rise to 5,000 per round. In table games, the clamping width is extremely large. The wagering bet ranges between an absolute minimum of 1,000 up to 200,000 and more! In a land-based casino, you will be informed. In an online casino it is advisable to contact customer service before you register for a vip program. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

Playtech online casino almost every modern online casino also offers a VIP service. The question is, for which you decide. The difference starts here at the welcome bonuses. As a VIP customer you should not be satisfied with less than a 1.000 welcome bonus. Look at the VIP packages. Some offer regular cashback bonuses for regular gamblers, other weekly promotions with high cash winnings. So what matters to you is what matters to you, and what a player you are. Playtech casinos on land here we think mainly of online casinos. The big casinos there all offer a VIP service and often work together with expensive hotels. There are special bonuses, winning promotions, champagne, limousines, free 5 star food, and sometimes even spa treatments and a couple of extended nights at the hotel at the expense of the casino.

Playtech casinos bonus almost every casino offers a welcome bonus. Nowadays one can not really afford to do this anymore, because then one is overshadowed by the competition with their good welcome bonuses. But also here: as a playtech casinos, or VIP, you can expect more. Often, there are 100% welcome bonuses for the first deposit, which however are bound to a maximum amount, e.g. 100. Since you register as a playtech casinos, this should not apply to you. For example, if you deposit 1,000, you should also expect a 100% welcome bonus for this amount. Do not be shy about asking. Most casinos will follow the wishes of the playtech casinos, even if you are not black on white in the terms.

We also recommend you to explore for a cash back bonus. Especially when playing with high sums, such a hedge can really be worthwhile. A cash back bonus can work weekly or monthly and is tied to a certain percentage. This means that you receive an average of 15-30% of your lost money within a certain period of time. Why do casinos offer a VIP program? If you are wondering what a casino has to spend on the cost of a VIP program, you might wonder why some casinos do. The answer is as simple as clear: money. With playtech casinos you can earn a lot of money. For almost every game the casino has a house advantage. This means the odds for winning the casino are statistically better than for the player. So if you have a playtech casinos customer who plays and loses 300,000 with a bet of 300,000 then the casino has made a lot of money in a short time.

Playtech casinos scooters are not dependent on the profits. They have money and play for fun. If you give these customers a good and pleasant environment, you still have fun and maybe come back. It is therefore important to give the customer a good feeling, because once you have played a lot of money, this is likely to do a second time. Part of the VIP program is to provide a special customer service for your needs. So you do not need to share the customer service with the normal players who sometimes have to wait up to 24 hours for a response. Instead, you have a very specific contact person, your VIP manager, who takes care of your problems and wishes immediately. A small advice: do not underestimate the influence of this person, which can be far more than correct your problems. A VIP manager has contacts and can also get you tickets for sold out concerts or sporting events. As VIP players, you will receive special offers by email and will be invited to exclusive VIP events. Everything to make you feel good and happy.

A mini baccarat basically works according to the same rules as a normal baccarat game. The only difference in mini baccarat is that the croupier turns over the cards. The game runs faster and wins and losses can be better determined in online baccarat. The odds of betting remain the same as at the big table if the same number of cards are dealt and turned up. Mini baccarat is mostly played online as well as in real life with 5 to 6 players. This baccarat game can be found in the main section of most casinos or online casinos.

What is Mini Baccarat?

The mini baccarat is basically the same as a mini baccarat. The only difference in mini baccarat is that the scope of the game is much larger. Very high stakes are played at these tables, which may not be particularly beneficial for beginners. If you just want to try out mini baccarat for yourself, you should make sure that free spins are also possible at your baccarat casino. Free spins allow you to try your luck with play money instead of real money in So you don’t have to take any big risks at first.

But How Does Mini Baccarat Actually Work?

Mini baccarat is usually played with 8 decks of cards. An ace has a face value of 10 and a face card has a face value of 0, which is then revealed by the croupier. Cards with the number 2 to 9 are awarded 2 to 9 points. The croupier turns over a new card with each new shoe. How many cards were thrown is relevant for the baccarat values.

It is also important to know that the baccarat game does not begin until all players bet on bankers or players. A game can start even if the players are betting on a tie. In some cases it is also possible to bet on a pair of players or on a pair of bankers. Now it’s the dealer’s turn. This must give each player and each banker two cards.

The score of a hand is calculated using the right digit of the sum of all cards. For example, if two cards are a 7 and an 8, the total is 15. In mini baccarat, this would correspond to a score of 5. It is important to know that the score is always between 0 and 9.

Baccarat card games are now offered at many online casinos. But how can you find the ideal online casino? Even if there is no absolute formula, there are a few criteria that you should pay more attention to in order to avoid losses at dubious online casinos. Only choose online casinos that are also licensed. Examples of this are bet at home or net bet. If online casinos are not licensed , it will also be difficult to trace the company in the event of a scam. Pay attention to whether the casino offers a baccarat casino bonus in This bonus is mostly awarded when making a deposit into a player’s account, but it can still be very useful for beginners. Some online casinos offer a bonus of up to 1000, which can improve your chances of winning.

The online casino of your choice should also offer a baccarat guide. This guide can be especially useful for beginners who do not yet know exactly how a baccarat card game works. You can find that on our pages of the best online casino reviews. The instructions should be as detailed as possible in order to explain the opportunities and risks transparently.

When choosing your baccarat online casino, also pay attention to the payout percentage. A reputable online casino usually has a payout rate of over 90%. An online casino with a low payout rate usually speaks for dubiousness. When choosing your baccarat online casino, take some time to compare different providers and choose the casino that suits you best.

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Baccarat Game

There are dozens of online casinos with baccarat. Winning or losing a baccarat game depends not only on the choice of the right baccarat casino, but also on the right strategy that the player uses. We will come back to the best baccarat online casinos with a few recommendations later on. First, we want to give you a few strategic tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning at baccarat.

Tap the Banker: In the baccarat card game, the banker’s hand is always more likely to win than the player’s hand. This is also due to the fact that the banker’s hand is placed after the player’s hand. Thus, the banker has a strategic advantage when playing baccarat. You can take advantage of this by playing baccarat and betting on the banker’s hand. It is important to know that a commission of 5% is charged for a bet on the banker.

Betting on a Tie Is Not Profitable: If the player bets on a tie in baccarat, then the payout on a win is not 1:1, but rather 8:1 and 9:1. What sounds particularly tempting at first, however, also has certain disadvantages. The chance of winning in a tie is only 9.53%.

Poker is one of the most attractive games. Its main difference from traditional poker is that at the beginning each player receives two cards, instead of the usual three or five. Then each player receives five community cards. Whoever makes the best five-card hand wins. Here we teach you useful strategies to improve your profits.

Why Play Free Texas Hold’em?

It is the casino game that has won the most fans in the last 15 years. Millions of players prefer its online mode, inspired by Chris moneymaker. Many platforms offer it in live casino software , to play for free. This modality makes it easy for the player to learn the essential fundamentals of the game and the strategies to win. All while having fun. If you want to know more about the rules, strategies and tricks of the different casino games , click here

What is Texas Hold’em?

Hold’em is a variant of the game of poker that originated in Texas. It differs from traditional poker such as three card poker , in that each player receives two cards to make up their game, instead of the usual three or five. The dealer also deals five community cards, with which players can create their winning combination. The first three are visible from the first betting round. The fourth and fifth are revealed in the next two rounds. Whoever has the best set of five cards wins.

Basic Texas Hold’em Rules

Hold’em is a closed game. That is, the two cards of each player are not revealed until the end of the hand. Each of them starts with two forced blinds, one small and one large. These bets are made by the two players to the left of the dealer. There is also a round of betting, prior to the distribution of the first three communal cards and the next two. In that round the players can decide to stay in the game, raise the bet or fold. After the fifth community card is presented, the players must show their cards and the winner is chosen.

Basic Texas Hold’em Strategy

In Texas hold’em cunning and strategy are very important , especially in the big professional tournaments. Usually it is recommended not to participate in all the hands, but to bet heavily on those in which good cards have been received. In addition, there is an advantage relative to each player’s position at the table. Those who can decide last have a greater knowledge of the situation of the rest of the players. This additional information allows them to make better decisions. The latter has an effect on the number of hands they decide to stay or fold.

Playing roulette for real money can be a very serious thing. That’s because the game is simple, exciting, flashy, and multi-stakes. Winnings can be multiplied in a matter of seconds.

We explain the main rules and strategies for you to play like an expert in

Play free roulette

Ideally, before betting real money is to practice free roulette . This is how the rules of the game and the various functions of the software are known. Despite being free it is very exciting.

How to win at roulette

Choose color
Red and black have equal odds , so pick one and place your bet. As for the amount to bet, make a minimum bet , at least one. In this game wins and losses flow very quickly. We also recommend not to accumulate profits. That is, if you win a bet, withdraw it and set aside the profit. This way, if you lose, you won’t lose the previous win. It is better to win even a little than to lose. Another recommendation to make bets on the color is to leave the bet on the selected color for at least two or three consecutive times and then, depending on the winning colors, choose to change or not.

Number bets
here are several ways to bet on the numbers. One is for the first half of number or for the second half. In these cases the color does not matter . It is not recommended to do it more than twice in a row, otherwise you will lose sooner or later. Another strategy is to place bets on numbers that have not come up in the last 7 spins . At this time it is good to increase the bet to raise the possible profit.

In case the strategy does not work, and you lose the raised bet you made, you have two possibilities :

  • The first is to wait a few spins without betting and repeat the accumulator strategy.
  • The second is to make a minimum bet on the next occasion, to try to win back.
  • In case you want to try these strategies, but without risking money, we recommend using the casino bonuses.

The rows
As in the color bets, when you bet on the rows, when you win, the bet must be withdrawn. So if you lose, you don’t risk the previous gain. In case you have several lost bets, you can double the initial bet to risk a little more and try to reduce the loss. But in case it doesn’t work the first time, it is not recommended to double the bet again and you should go back to the base bet. When you win with this strategy, the recovery is very fast . But it should not be repeated too many times, because the loss can be just as fast. Don’t be tempted by quick wins and magical recovery plays.

The famous zero
Of the 37 numbers on the roulette wheel, all have an equal chance of winning . And when the player insists on playing the same number several times, it will come out.

Electronic or virtual roulette’s try to simulate real roulette’s . Therefore, the algorithm with which they are programmed causes the green color to appear eventually. Thus they compensate the appearances of red and black. And since the three colors fall sooner or later , do not rule out any option. But green should not be bet so many times.

What Is Live Online Roulette

Live roulette online is the most realistic way to take part in a game without leaving home. Its virtual rooms embody the experience of the best casino gaming rooms in the world. During the live game, it is possible to interact with the dealer and the other players, through the chat. In addition, the online casino has an incredible video quality , so that the player feels like in a real room.

The Roulette Wheel
The main element of the game is roulette. A wheel that has 37 or 38 pockets that indicate the winning spin . During the betting round, the dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball on it. When the ball stops, it indicates the favored number and color.

Bets can be made, both on specific numbers and on different types of plays . Each of them is indicated on a cloth that covers the game table. Color, even or odd, or the different groups of numbers are usually the most chosen.